Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Women Can Run

Last night was the first night of the Women Can Run Clinic. It will be every Monday and Thursday night for the next 10 weeks. I have been looking forward to it all winter!
I drove over to Michele's about 5:30ish and we ran the almost two miles to the Field House at the High School. It was very warm yesterday! I thought I was pushing it by wearing a skirt and short sleeves so I tossed on a long sleeve tech shirt as well. I don't think we had even been running for a minute when I had to take it off! I was really wishing I had a sleeveless shirt on!
I forgot my Garmin... again :( luckily Michele's was charged and ready to go. We weren't worried about pace, I just wanted to keep up with how many miles we ran.

Quite a few of the leaders were on the track to direct the ladies into the Field House. This time last year I would have only known one or two of the leaders but now I feel like I am surrounded by old friends.
It was awesome to walk into that Field House and see so many women!!! My old friend and neighbor Trish was there, I haven't seen her in ages!! She joined the walking group. I spoke to her for a few minutes and then excused myself to find Terri. I had been keeping an eye peeled for her since I walked in. I had only gone a few steps when she saw me, I was laughing because I had been looking for her so hard and there she was right in front of me. She is blonder so I almost didn't recognize her. I introduced her to Michele and then we all had a seat to listen to the announcements.
It was nice to catch up with Terri but then they had us go to our seperate groups. I am so proud of Terri she joined the Intermediate group, I thought she was joining the Beginners... she has had several health issues that have prevented her from being able to run and work-out. I know she is going to do great, she is with a great bunch of ladies!
Once we split off I got a chance to meet the others in the Advanced group. Several familiar faces but also several new faces.
Dennis talked to us for a few minutes and then had us head out to the track to do Strides. We would "stride" the straights and jog the curves. It was really really hard to run fast on the track with over a hundred women especially since a lot of them are beginners and don't know proper "track etiquette".
I had to make one stop at the port a potty but it was just a quick one, no stomach issues!! I had lost Michele, and Kelly when I had to make that pit stop so I ran the last two laps alone. Dennis was trying his best to watch everyone so he could give advice on running form. After the mile of strides I walked with one of the new advanced ladies for a few minutes. So far everyone seems really nice.
As we were walking I saw Terri running up ahead of us so I said good bye to Jannette and ran to catch up and run with Terri. She was doing GREAT!!!!!!! As we were coming down the straight away I could hear my name being called so I had to leave her. Dennis wanted to tallk to all of us before we left. He talked a lot about arms and pointed out a few who had "robot" arms and explained the benefit of proper form. We are really lucky to have Dennis coaching at the Women's clinic... and Brenda, Kelly and I are very lucky we now get him 3 nights a week!!

After the clinic Kelly & Brenda ran back to Michele's house with us. It was very very dark and we ran through some kind of scary roads. Kelly was the only one who thought ahead and wore a blinky light. I had brought one but I left it in my car.
It was a good run back I didn't have my Garmin so I don't know our pace, but there were times when it felt like we were running kind of fast.
Michele and I hit 6 miles just a little bit before we got to her house, but we kept running to her mailbox and then we walked the cul-d-sac to cool off... after a bit of stretching I took Kelly and Brenda back to the High School to pick up their cars.

I never got a chance to blog about Sunday's run. It was a tough one for me.. maybe I had too much caffeine on Saturday??? I don't know but whatever it was I just felt like I had dead legs almost the whole run. It didnt' help that we ran a very hilly route (Mt.Tabor loop). It was Bailey, Joan, Michele, Arland and I running together. Cindy, Brenda and Lisa were also there but they were way ahead of us.
After the loop we had 7 miles and had intended to run 10 so we put our heads together to come up with a route. Michele and Arland both came up with suggestions but Arland said a resounding NO to Michele's idea. It was kind of shocking and funny at the same time to hear Arland be so gruff!!! We went in the direction that Michele had suggested anyway but about a 1/2 mile into it I really started feeling bad and decided I was turning around. I knew Michele was feeling good so I suggested she go ahead and run home and I would bring her Lexus to her. Bailey and Arland had also turned around and I thought they were headed back too but after we had made the turn onto hwy 89 I looked back and saw that they were running up Panther Trail so I was on my own. I wasnt' sure if Arland knew what I was doing so I drove to find them and ask him to pick me up at Michele's house. I was really feeling like a big weiney for quitting early but I really didn't have it in me. Once Michele got home we walked through her neighborhood for about 10 minutes until Arland came to get me.
Although I quit early I still managed 8.25 miles.
I dont' remember the splits but I ended up with a 10:27 avg pace and the mile that had the longest and steepest hill was our fastest mile with a 9:38.

I am cutting way back on my caffeine this week, since I don't drink soda's that means limited trips to Daily Grind, Mountain Mudd and Starbucks. Yesterday I had a small Mountain Mudd and today nada.... I hope I can keep it up!

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