Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crack Heads

Yesterday was our last morning as Crackheads... at least for now. Bailey came along with us this week so she could share in the crackhead experience. Unfortuantely Kelly wasn't able to join us. We were thinking about and missing you girl!

It was Michele, Cheryl, Bailey and myself on the run Saturday morning.

It was the normal Saturday morning routine, scoop up the girls at Team 1 and then off to Sherwood to scoop up Cheryl.

The Training group was meeting at the Art's Center, when we drove up I noticed that Channel 7 was there. I don't know that we got any airtime but it was still cool to be part of the whole thing. Of course the best part is when Tom gets on the top of the trunk of his car and yells out "Goodmorning Crackheads" my favorite part, and I think everyone elses too.. he got a big round of applause.

I don't know how I am going to start my long runs with out that greeting in the future. I will never forget the first time I heard it and I hope I get to gear it again soon

I was a bit dissapointed when he said there would be no cookies waiting for us at the end :(

We were running a familiar route, going up to the Governer's Mansions, past Central High School and pretty much zig zagging all through "da hood". Cheryl wasn't too happy about this route, we have done it a lot and we will be on it again next weekend, but I was glad that Bailey was going to get to see a little bit of the 1/2 marathon course.
Central High School

As in all of the training group runs this course has it's fair share of inclines... lot's of long gradual one's that just make you mad!! LOL

It was a good run we all took turns running with each other. It was odd to just be running 6 miles but it felt good!

When we got back to the finish Cheryl wasn't quite at 6 so we ran through the parking lot until she reached her goal. As Cheryl was checking us out Michele said let them drive and let's run back to the Rivermarkt. So I asked Cheryl if she minded.. she said she didn't so off we ran. It was only about a mile and we did have a lot of downhill so that was nice, but we also had more wind and it felt like it was colder than when we started.

When we got back to the Rivermarket we looked to see if the girls had parked in our usual parking spot but we didn't see the Honda so I called Cheryl and she met us outside with the key.

The best part of all of ours runs have been going for "the icing" afterwards. Boulevard Bread Co. has become one of our favorite places and we always look forward to going there. I was a bit dissapointed this morning because they were out of the sugar free hazelnut and sugar free vanilla just isn't very tasty. BUT the toast and jelly made up for it!!! Again I thought about buying a jar, but I would just eat it and that wouldn't be good.

After spending some time there we all left and headed to Cabot to Daily Grind to meet the Cruisers. I was going to drop Cheryl off in Sherwood for her truck so that she could leave Cabot whenever she wanted... but nope I was too busy either talking or listening to someone else talk and I completely missed both Sherwood exits!!

I also missed the exit to take Michele back to Team 1 but I improvised and it was no biggie. We dropped Michele off and head to Daily Grind for round 2 of coffee and breakfast.
The coffee at Daily Grind was soooooooo good and Donna serves it with a chocolate covered espresso bean.. oh yeah that's good stuff!

Cindy,Brenda,Lisa,Jackie and family joined us and then Arland came a little bit later. Everyone was all abuzz about nexts weeks race. They all had advice and stories for Cheryl. I don't know if it helped but I hope so. Of course I freaked her out when I told her she had "taper madness"!
I hope yesterday morning showed Cheryl how much everyone cares about her and how many people will be thinking of and supporting her next weekend.

Michele has been needing some new running shoes so at some point yesterday morning we all decided we would to go Conway to our favorite running store.. the Sporty Runner.

We planned to leave Cabot at 2:00 and then meet Cheryl there. On the way to Team 1 to meet Bailey, Michele and I stopped at Mountain Mudd for coffee # 3 for me and 2 for her.

Cheryl was alread there waiting for us when we arrived.

You can just imagine the four of us together, we were all full of it, Michele and I were over caffinated and Bailey was just ... Bailey! LOL Michele was trying on shoes and then she would run up and down the store while the experts watched. Bailey called out to her "hey do you feel stupid"... "well you look stupid" I was SHOCKED! ;)

Michele and I ended up with new shoes, and Bailey and Cheryl new clothes and stuff.

It was a great day... running, eating, drinking, laughing with friends, and we did a LOT of laughing! what more could you ask for???

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cheryl said...

yes, I'm starting to realize how much people care!! Pretty amazing to have such good running friends. The pictures turned out pretty good, well, not the top one.