Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girls Night Out

Wednesday night turned out to be just the girls. Robert had other plans and Arland got off work late and decided to just run on the Treadmill.
As soon as we got to Michele's I could tell something wasn't right... she was on the phone with a not too happy look on her face. When she hung up as we had suspected she said it was James and he said he would be home soon. This gave us all time to use the bathroom and Kelly decided to put on a second shirt. It was pretty cold again last night.
I guess all the great runs in a row had caught up with me. I could tell pretty early on that this wasn't going to be an easy run. It didn't help that my stomach also was acting weird, Kelly's shins were hurting and Michele wasn't feeling good either. Poor Brenda she was stuck with us!! LOL I had to make two trips to the port-a-pottie. The first time was kind of just a precaution, we were right there so it made sense to at least try... and as it turned out it was a good thing. The second time we had to head straight to it, no cul-d-sacs. It was right around this time that a neighborhood dog decided he wanted to bother us... he was running at us and barking like an idiot. With my history with dog's I could tell Michele was worried about this one running in front of me. I was at a point where I needed to get to a bathroom as soon as possible and Michele and Kelly hung back to chase off the dog. It was very much appreciated by me!!! We don't usually have too many problems with dog's when we run in the neighborhood, this was only the second time.
I felt better after the pit stop but I just couldn't seem to get my running legs or lungs last night. It was right after the "big" hill or "Michele's" hill as we sometimes call it that i finally just had enough. I had to slow down, although I felt like I was already slow. Michele also wasn't feeling it so we hung back and decided to just take it easy. I was almost tempted to stop when we got to Michele's house, but I wasn't hurting anywhere and my stomach was ok so I knew i would be mad at myself later if I quit. The last two miles were better and I even managed to spint for a bit towards the end.
This wasnt' my best run ever but I did feel a real sense of accomplisment when it was done! I lost a half mile when I had to take my two pottie breaks, and normally we would run until the person with the lowest mileage's Garmin goes off, but I was happy with 7.53!! LOL

10:32 avg pace
4-13:10 - Potty break
6-11:14 - water break at Michele's house

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