Thursday, February 21, 2008


Endurance... this is what our Wednesday night 8 milers are about. And for me especially last night it is not just physical endurance b mental as well. So many times in the past I would get a little tired and tell myself I couldn't do it, I needed to walk or even stop altogether. Those days are for the most part gone. I do still sometimes think I can't do this, I'm going to stop at 5 or 6 or whatever, but I am blessed to run with some amazing people who together we keep each other going. Last night was a tough one for me, I had MAJOR stomach issues in the second mile, so major that I thought I was done for the night. Luckily my friend the port - a- pottie was not too far away and he helped to save the day. I was really upset, I took an anti-poop pill but it seemed to have the oppostive effect last night! Although once that ordeal was over I didn't have any more problems at all. I'm thinking that part of the problem might be Andrea's super healthy full of fiber muffins I have been eating.. could be??
So after the visit to the port a pottie I was very uncomfortable for a while and thought to myself I am going to stop when we get to Michele's house. So knowing I was on the verge of self sabotage I asked Michele to make sure we had 6 miles before we got back to her house. They all had .75 of a mile more than I did and in my mind I was thinking that would get me at least 5.25 miles. I was still seriously thinking of quitting but at least I would have 5 miles done.
Once things settled down it was a good run... very very very windy which made it pretty darn cold, but we all stayed pretty close together and did a lot of talking. It was great having Arland and Robert with us... and their height came in pretty handy as we would occasionally tuck in behind them to help block the wind!! LOL

Once we got back to Michele's I knew I couldn't stop... I still wanted to but I wasn't going to let the negative thoughts win and besides if I had even hinted that I was thinking of stopping early Brenda and Michele would have put a stop to it!!!
Brenda said we will run until you get 8... my first thought was NO... I'm good with 7.3, but in the end it was great to get the whole eight miles in!!
These runs really are making me much stronger... physically - mentally - emotionally!! I am truly blessed!!

Last night was probably our last "Wednesday 8" until after the Women Can Clinic. The clinic starts on Monday and either on Monday or Thursday we are planning on adding on aftterwards to get in our mid week - mid long run.
I'm really looking forward to the Clinic, Dennis is going to be our Coach so I get him for 3 nights a week until mid May!!
My friend Terri is also going to do the Clinic and I am so excited that I am going to get to see her two nights a week!! We live right across the street from each other yet we still never see each other, especially during the winter.
The days will be lasting longer soon... Spring is right around the corner, I can almost feel it.


Susan said...

That clinic should keep you occupied post-LR and pre-Nashville! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

How awesome it is to be able to run with people. I've rarely had the chance to do so outside of races. Obviously, I'm missing a lot!!