Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heat Wave

The high yesterday was in the mid 70's!!!!! It was also very humid!!!

It was nice to get ready for the run and not have to put 10 pounds of clothes on. I wore a skirt and a sleeveless running shirt. I also put my hair into a ponytail for the first time in ages. Since I've had shorter hair I just leave it down when it is cold.. it helps keep my neck warm.

Kelly wasn't able to join us, she had to work late. Cheryl had considered coming to Cabot to run with us but she was able to get her run in earlier in the day.

When I got to Michele's house Jane was already there and Brenda was right behind me. It was so nice to be able to gather and chat before the run and not be freezing. The cold doesn't bother me so much when we are running, it's just the beginning that is hard!
Sara P also joined us... Michele's hubby was running late so we had to leave without her but I had my phone so she could call and we could come back for her, or meet her.
It was great to have Jane and Sara with us, I have really missed running with Jane. Our schedules just haven't meshed very often this winter.
We hadn't been gone too long when Michele called, we turned around to meet her, this of course meant we had to run up our least favorite hill twice last night. We have a lot of inclines through the whole run, but this one particular hill is the most challenging. While running it I always hate it but I know it is helping to make me stronger.
Jane and Sara only wanted 3 or so miles, Michele and I had turned to go our normal route but Brenda went back with the girls. Michele was anxious to make up the mileage she lost in the beginning it only added about .25 of a mile but we had already turned in that direction when we realized they were going the other way so we kept going.
Once we said good-bye to Jane and Sara we started our last couple of miles. It was funny because we were all at different mileages. I had the most, Brenda was about .25 behind me and Michele was right at a mile behind. No problem we just said we would go by Michele's garmin. I was actually glad, it meant that I would get in 7 miles and after having to cut my Sunday run short I was happy to add on a little bit.

Yes Cheryl we did complain about being hot!!! LOL It was perfect when we would have a breeze but there were long stretches when we had no breeze and it was HOT!!! We were all quite sweaty by the end.

When we finished the run we decided to walk to cool down. I couldn't even imagine getting in my car yet. Brenda joined us for the first lap around the cul d sac, but then Michele and I decided to keep walking. After another lap we stopped by her mailbox, and right at that moment my phone rang. It was Kelly she was just getting into Cabot. I had her garage door opener so I asked if she wanted to meet me at Michele's house which worked out good for her since she lives close by. Michele and I kept walking until Kelly arrived and then we convinced her to walk with us. I hope the walk helped Kelly's back.. she was walking kind of stooped over when she first got there but she seemed better by the end.
We ended up with 2.25 mile of walking and almost two solid hours of movement. We started just a little after 6:00 and when I got in my car to go home it was 8:05.
Robert Kelly's husband showed up just as we were finishing our walk, he had to "ref" some basketball games but still needed to get his run in. Michele didn't get enough with the run and walk so she joined him. She said she was only going for a couple of miles, but I bet she did the whole 5 miles with him. I'll call her later to find out.

Tonight is supposed to be our running clinic but the weather men are saying we are going to have severe weather this afternoon, so we shall see.

7.0 miles
10:15 avg pace



ransombt said...

Wow - sounds like a whole lot went on after I left :) I went home ate and was in bed by 8:30 and sound asleep by 8:35!! Sounds like you guys really got to enjoy the nice weather.


Susan said...

OMG - you are so fast!

I do like it when fewer clothes are required. I hate the heat -- but being able to dress quickly is quite the treat!