Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flying By

Where does the time go???? Between work, family, running & friends the days just speed away from me.

Tuesday night was our "Tuesday Flyer's" clinic. We were supposed to do a mile time trial, but we got kicked off the High School track because of Soccer games. It was wickedly windly and cold Tuesday night and the roads in the neighborhood we were running on were very uneven, it was getting dark and with the wind Dennis made the decision to postpone the trials for another night. We were ALL so relieved!! The work out ended up being kind of a farlek run... I never could understand/hear what Dennis was saying the advanced workout was so we decided to just stick with the intermediate.
It was a very large group Tuesday night with quite a few new people. One of them was Josh's wife Kelly, she is a real sweetheart!! She and Cheryl did the workout together and Arland, Bailey and I ran together. We were supposed to run 3x1min. at LT pace with a 1 minute rest inbetween then 1x2min with a min rest and then 3x1min with a min rest. It really wasn't enough but considering that I didn't even really want to go Tuesday night I wasn't unhappy!
So the LT pace didn't happen.. no we were running way faster than LT pace! We were only running for a minute at a time so we just kind of ran pretty fast. A couple of times Bailey would tell me to slow down and I did for the most part. Well I think it was the last one or maybe the next to last one Bailey was in front of me and I was catching up to her, she kept telling me to slow down but I just kind of hung beside her... well she dropped back and grabbed the hood of my jacket and physically made me slow down!!! Sheeesh!! So fair warning to everyone if Bailey tells you to slow down don't let her get behind you she will choke you to death ;()

When we were done we chatted with Dennis for a little while and then walked back to the cars with Cheryl and Josh's wife Kelly. I just realized that now we have two Kelly H's. We all chatted for a little while until the wind and cold drove us back into our cars.

As we were leaving I realized we didnt' do our 1 mile cool down run and was feeling guilty about it, but it was too late I had already started to stiffen up and decided to call it a night. I talked to Bailey yesterday and she said she also felt bad about missing it.

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