Monday, February 11, 2008

Are You Crazy And One Psycho

Those were the words that were spoken to me by just about everyone who I told that after running 20 miles on Saturday I turned around and ran 10 on Sunday. What is even better is that I agreed with each person. I do think I was a little crazy, but I felt good after the 20 and Arland needed a long run and I wanted to run with him. Plus it really isn't that crazy, because I know several runners who have been doing it for weeks. You know who you are.. Brenda, Cindy, Lisa etc. LOL
Luckily the route that was chosen didn't give me much choice it was either quit at 3.5 or go the whole distance.
The decision had been made on Saturday that a group was running at 1:30 instead of 7:00am. I orginally thought I might go ahead and run at 7:00am and just do 6 with Joan, but then Saturday evening I kind of felt myself crashing and decided I would probably be better off sleeping in. It was a good decision.
We had a pretty good turn out. It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny,breezy and about 55 degrees.
The Sunday Crew:
Brenda, Jackie, Rock, Robert,Kelly,Rick,Arland, Annette.
We ran the Candlestick route first Arland, Rick, Kelly and I were running together. It was nice to have Rick with us, he doesn't like getting up early in the morning especially when it's cold so he hasn't been to a lot of our group runs this winter. Rick is a super guy very easy to talk to and very funny. I have been trying to work on his wife to her her to come to the Women Can Run Clinic.
After we finished the candlestick route we headed up 321, Arland had started to fall back a little so I let Rick go and I turned back for Arland. Pretty much the whole time on 321 you have to single file it so not too much talking going on. Sometimes I would get lost in my head and then see that Arland had fallen back. He is still working on his endurance after being off for almost 2 months because of his stress fracture. It is really stressing him out that he lost endurance. I know though that once he gets it back he will be leaving me in his dust!!!!
From 321 we turned onto Dogwood and then Mt Tabor to 89 and back to the school. There are quite a few inclines and rolling hills, so it is a challenging route. And it wasn't made any easier by the speeding cars on Mt. Tabor!! I think it was run over the runners day because we had several cars that would head straight for us and then swerve at the last minute. Unfortunately on Mt. Tabor you don't really have anywhere to go!
The battery on my Garmin was dead so I don't have any stat's. I just know that we ran 10 miles and I am thrilled that I was able to do it without any problems. It wasn't fast but it wasn't slow either. I don't really know what pace I was running but when it was all said and done, according to Arland's Garmin we avg'd 10:44. Not too shabby for a 10-miler the day after a 20-miler.
Just call me crazy... or you could be like Heather and call me psycho!! LOL

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