Sunday, February 10, 2008

Memories of Crackheads and Blinkie's

Cheryl and I in the Holiday Inn restroom on our 20 mile run

I remember the first time I went to a LR training group run with Cheryl. We met at Lake Willastein. When we first arrived there were quite a few people, but then as we got out of her truck you could just see a steady steam of headlights that seemed to last for miles. I remember gathering around the sign in sheets. I almost felt like I was at a race that I hadn't signed up for. Cheryl signed us in and I heard those immoratal words "Good Morning Crack Heads" for the very first time. Like Cheryl said I was hooked after that. I wonder if I could get Tom to call me every Saturday morning before a long run.

I do remember thinking I wonder what the people in those apartments are thinking... there are probably a hundred people gathered around a man standing on a car shouting something about crackheads. I think if it were me I might think about moving!!! I also remember when we gathered at the River Market and he said it.. there were a lot of homeless people in the area and I was a little embarassed.

Blinky lights....Almost everyone has blinky lights on at these runs, and I think it is the coolest thing when we first start running to see just a long stream of lights. It was also nice on occasion when you were feeling a bit lost or left behind to be able to see lights in the distance.

Last weekend when we were in Maumelle we had crossed over Maumelle blvd. and were running in the "country club of arkansas" when all of a sudden I thought I saw a big fire truck ahead of us... but no, it was just a big group of red blinkies. I don't think I told anyone about it at the time... they all think I am crazy enough as it is!!!

The courses: WOW some of them were really tough, but they in turn have made us tough. I will never forget the first time running up Kavanaugh with Michele and Cheryl, we just ran our little hearts out and never took a walk break. On the way down Michele had gotten ahead and every few minutes she would turn around and say "can you believe we ran up this" I guess we had blinders on because unti we ran down we didn't realize how long and far we had run up.

They definately designed the routes to include every hill imaginable to prepare us for the LR Marathon.

The cookies... I remember the first time I noticed they had cookies waiting for us at the end of the course. I think it was the first time we met at the River Market. Those are the best damn cookies I have ever, ever, ever had. And I have had a lot of cookies in my life!!!!

They are just a generic store bought cookie but I swear to you I have never tasted anything better. This week we had homemade cookies at the end, and Oreo's and while I really enjoyed the homemade chocolate chip cookies, I have to admit I was a little sad not to have the others.

The people... Another great thing about running with this group is the chance to meet other runners. Cheryl had met Misty on her first run and she introduced me to her on the next one. It never really worked out that we got to run together but she is always so friendly and bubbly when we see her. Yesterday we saw her a lot, she was running with a group of guys who do an interesting kind of run walk thing. We played leap frog quite a bit yesterday. If Cheryl hadn't had her challenges and I hadn't had to stop off to use the restroom a couple of times we probably wouldn't have seen them, I'm not glad that Cheryl had her problems but I am glad we got to interact with them yesterday.

Of course there were the really memorable people, the guy who kissed the side walk and Chery's favorite snotty nose. There is also the girl that Michele helped on the River Trail, I can't remember her name but she had never been on the River Trail before and she was feeling lost. Michele ran beside her and encouraged her and showed her the way for at least two miles. We have seen her a couple of times since then and we ran into her a lot yesterday... once again she came to a point where she was lost, poor thing Cheryl was sick so she had to rely on me for help. I am NOT the person you want giving directions!! Luckily Misty and her group came along before she could get too lost.
There was the really friendly guy who talked to Cheryl and I for a long time in the parking lot once about our matching outfits.

So many big and small moments that I will always remember that I would have never had if not for Cheryl and this group. We also might not have ever discovered "The Bread Co." in the River Market and that would truly be sad!! They make the best sugar free hazelnut latte in the world!!! We introduced Brenda to the Bread Co and she in turn introduced it to the Cruisers... we have had a lot of fun after run gatherings there.

Thank you Little Rock Training Group... Thank you Cheryl and everyone who joined us on these crazy outings!!!


cheryl said...

Lots of great memories and not so great memories, I'm so glad you decided to join me! It just wouldn't have been the same without you. Remember the man in the truck asking us what we were doing? Or that time we saw Susan? those were both funny! Lots of good memories. I can't wait to do it again next year! Except for the cold and wind, I could do without that.

Anonymous said...

Really Cool post - this is great to look back at later. I really enjoyed reading it.