Sunday, February 3, 2008


My monthly running total for January was 173.25.
Not too bad... who am I kidding I thought it was fantastic!!! Even while training for Chicago I never had a month that high in mileage.
The Monday and Wednesday night longer runs has made a big difference in getting the higher mileage. Also the fact that we have had longer warm up and cool downs during our Tuesday night clinic, and I have also tried to make my Sunday runs longer as well.
I would like to see February's total at 180.

Today's run didn't help much to add to Feb's totals. Yesterday while running I was experiencing some glute pain on the left side. It hurt but not enough to make the run unbearable.
I think the fact that we didn't stretch at all didn't help and by yesterday evening I was in quite a bit of pain. The pain has kind of radiated from my glute to my hip. I took some advil before bed and then applied "Sore no More" to the sore areas. When I woke up this morning it felt better, but not good. I got dressed for the run anyway telling myself to at least try to run 3.

On the way to the school I was thinking maybe we will run the Candlewood course so I can made the decision to stop if I need to. Unfortunately Cindy was also experiencing some pain and had requested the same thing.
It was Cindy, Brenda, Jackie,Bailey, Joan and myself running this morning. We started off all together but that didn't last too long. I really wanted to take it easy this morning and we let Brenda, Jackie and Cindy go. Bailey is also recovering from an injury so she needed a slow easy run as well.
Bailey, Joan and I ran Candlewood loop together, I could feel my hip getting tighter and tighter so I told them I would have to stop after the first loop. Bailey was also feeling some pain so she decided to stop as well. I hated that Joan was going to have to run by herself :(
I suggested to Bailey that we walk a little bit to help stretch and cool down... well that walk ended up being over 1.5 miles. We basically just followed Joan, although much slower. At one point on Panther Trail we could see her repeatedly bending over... Bailey and I both said at the same time she must have found a lot of pennies!
I really enjoyed running with Joan and Bailey and I also enjoyed the walk. I got to learn a little bit more about Bailey, which was fair turn about since she learned a lot about me on Saturday when we went to Daily Grind for coffee! LOL

Arland left this morning for New Mexico so I've had a low key day by myself. Most of it anyway, I did get to go to the movies with Kelly and Bailey this afternoon and that was fun. I am so glad we made those plans because it really helped!!
We saw "27 Dresses" and we all liked it.. it was cute.

Oh I have to give a huge shout out to Brenda... you ROCK!! She ran 21 miles yesterday and then turned around and ran 10 this morning! I want to be like her when I grow up! LOL

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Susan said...

I have never, ever run that much in one month. You rock!