Friday, September 26, 2008

Sometimes less is more...I hope

So this week's running hasn't gone exactly as scheduled. I had a really good run with Heather on Monday night it was just the two of us and since we live in the same neighborhood it only made sense that we just run from home. I love Heather and it was great to get to spend some running time with her, I had an idea for a new route, thanks to all my miles with Michele I have really learned a lot of new steets to run on and I was able to string us together a pretty nice route. We did have to cross hwy 89 twice and that always slows us down waiting on traffic and then right around mile 5 the dreaded stomach thing came up... first I slowed down then I had to walk and then I had to stop and cross my legs!! luckily after I let it calm down it did allow me to continue the run and we had exactly 6.5 when we got back to our neighborhood. We were in trouble though... Heather's husband was waiting for us at the entrance to the neighborhood and we got busted for running in the dark with no lights or reflective gear :( and then when I got home I got in trouble for running without my phone!!
We had a 10:20 avg pace which is pretty good considering the stomach thing and the traffic crossings!

I already blogged about my change in plans and great day on Tuesday.

Wednesday was a pretty full day. Jane and I ran 5 miles on Wednesday morning from her neighborhood, it was really humid and warm but we had a good run. I did have to make an emergency pit stop at the waffle house!!! I was wearing my pink skirtsports visor with a clip on light and when I got into the bathrrom I looked in the mirror and I looked hilarious!! because of the humidty and and sweat my hair was "huge" I wish I could get that much volume on a normal day!! my face was red and I had sweat everywhere... no wonder everyone gave me such strange looks when I walked in the door!! LOL
we had a 10:18 avg pace and this also included a little leg crossing and stomach calming time!! LOL also I'm really bummed because my stomach started up again towards the end, Jane asked if I needed to walk and at first I said no but I thought we still had a ways to go so I said yes I better walk so we walked for a bit and a little later my garmin beeped 5 miles... well darn if I had known we were that close I would have kept running!!
I don't put my contact in for my early morning runs so I usually can't see my garmin very well :(

Wednesday afternoon I met Michele at the Community Center and we went to Bun's & Ab's class, walked for about 15 minutes afterwards and then at 7:00 I met Kelly for a short run. She had minor surgery last week and she wanted to test out her legs so we just planned a short 2 mile run. I thought she did great!!! it was really warm and humid and I was huffing and puffing and felt really slow but we ended up with a 10:37 avg pace. So Wednesday was a great work out day!!

Thursday morning Michele Jane and I were meeting at the Community center at 5:00am for a run... about 4:35 Michele texted wanting to know if Jane was running, when she found out that Jane was for sure running she opted out.. she has really over extended herself lately and decided to just get some rest. No problem... well 10 minutes later Jane texted and she was not feeling well and wouldn't be running either. I did not want to run by myself in the dark so I took my running shoes off and got back in bed!! I ended up oversleeping and didn't get up until 7:30. The good news was I felt GREAT!!!
Last night I ran almost 2 miles with Michele and the kids but it was a tough run, Alex wasn't having it!!! He started out full of energy and in a great mood and then suddenly he was done and in a bad mood. When we got back to the house we waited on James to get home and then Michele and I set out to add on a few more miles. We started off walking... and we ended up walking and the middle was all walking. Oh well it was a good walk we definetly still burned some calories! Mentally it was just what Michele needed and I think me too!!

We have a big weekend planned. The Big Dam Bridge 100 miler is on Saturday, Arland will ride the whole 100 but Brenda and I along with several other's Bailey :) are riding 50 miles. It is a pretty hilly route so 50 is still a challenge!!
Sunday we have a 16 mile run on the schedule. I'm hoping that by having a lighter week I will have a great weekend!

Good luck to all the racer's and rider's this weekend!!


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight - "50 mile bike ride and a 16 mile run" - light weekend? LOL

gabsatrucker said...

Even the pros have to schedule lighter weeks to prevent overtraining. You've been keeping a very brutal schedule lately so don't go beating yourself up about needing to cut back some. See you tomorrow!!