Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little of this and a little of that...

Sunday was quite a mix of events! I started the morning with a run, Michele, Jackie and I met Jane at SSE to help her with her long run. My plan was to run at least 8 miles with her but unfortunately the 17 miler from the day before just wouldn't let it happen. I did manage 5.5 miles and then Michele and I left Jane in Jackie's hands and we took a short cut back to the school via Michele's house (bathroom). We ended up walking most of the way back we were both pretty beat but we did get in 7.2 total miles.

We met Jackie and Jane back at the school...both Jackie and Michele had to leave to take care of family but I had brought Francesca along and I got her ready to ride along with Jane. She only had 4 miles left by the time they made it back to the school and Francesca and I kept her company.

It was VERY foggy Sunday morning and during the run I had on one of those hat lights clipped to my visor, for the bike ride I also clipped a couple of blinky lights on the back of it.... it didn't even occur to me until we were back at the school..I had been riding without a helmet!!!!! DUH that was dumb!! :( Actually I was all ready for our next bike ride and Phil was waiting and when I saw him helmet I thought OMG I am an idiot!!!

Brenda, Phil and I left a little later for our 36 mile bike ride... we were taking our 28 mile loop and then Brenda and I were adding on at the end with a trip to Mt. Mudd. Phil stuck with us for the most part during the first part of the ride, he is about 10 feet tall and I swear Brenda and I have to pedal about 5 times to his 1 pedal stroke... not fair!

It was a pretty uneventful ride, Brenda and I were both really tired from the 17 miler on Saturday and although we didn't run together on Sunday morning we had both run over 6 miles,so we were a little whiney! lol or at least I was!

OH.... I guess you can file this under DUH moments too....

When I first loaded Francesca up in my car she felt kind of slippery, at first I thought hmmm maybe Arland cleaned her and lubed her up and accidentaly got some on the handlebars, and then when I started the ride with Jane I thought maybe it was the humidity. Finally a couple of miles in I remembered that I had used Armour All clean wipes to clean the tape after my ride last Sunday. That's not the end of my DUH episode, as we are riding my butt is slipping all over the seat, I had on new shorts and I thought geez these things suck and it was a pretty uncomfortable ride!! I guess we were about mile 25 when it dawned on me that I had also cleaned the seat with Armour all clean wipes and THAT was what was causing the slipping and sliding!!! DUH..DUH..DUH!!!! LOL
Towards the end of the ride I was really starting to fade and it dawned on me (another DUH??) that I had not taken in very many calories. After the run I had eaten a couple of pretzels left over in my fuel belt from Saturday and 1/2 of a Blueberry almond bar. It helped but was not enough I guess so we decided to stop by Knight's grocery store so I could grab something... well I didnt' want to walk all through the store so I just headed to the check out stand and was looking for a payday candy bar, they didn't have any, but I saw Almond Snickers got that instead... very yummy!!! and I could eat it almost guilt free :) I think a 7.2 mile mostly run some walking and a 36 mile bike ride burned off those caloreis!

After we got our iced coffee's and got back on our bikes we both were like whoa what happened to our legs??? we still had about 6 miles left and it was tough but we did it and finished up with 36 miles

I went home showered made myself a sandwich and relaxed for about an hour and then I headed over to Michele's house for some fun!!

We baked cookies, we went on a leisurely 5 mile bike ride and then when we got back we decorated cookies for Abbie's class.
It was somewhat of a miracle that the bike ride even happened!! Michele had invited Karen to come ride with us, Karen doesnt' have a bike so Michele told her she could ride her old Mt. Bike... well Karen is quite tall and Michele is kind of short and it didnt' dawn on her that the bike would need to be adjusted. Normally changing the seat height shouldn't be a problem but this is a really old bike and the seat did not want to budge!! Michele brought out 2 tool boxes and between Michele, Shauna and Karen I think they got the seat to move up a fraction of an inch not nearly enough for Karen to be ablet to ride it comfortably. Shauna's bike was a little bigger and she is inbetween Michele and Karen in height so they switched bikes. There were 7 of us all together, 4 adults and 3 kids we had a good time, except for Claire she crashed :( it was pretty dramatic but in the end she got back up on the bike and finished the ride.

The destination for this ride was once again Mt. Mudd apparently after last weekends bike ride Alex was looking forward to going back all week!

The girl at Mt. Mudd is starting to get used to seeing me ride up on my bike but she was a little shocked to see how many of us there were!

The fun part of the day was when we got back to the house and started decorating the sugar cookies! It was fun and I was very impressed with everyone's creativity!!

Oh I almost forgot when I very first got to Michele's house Alex and I played with the wei..how do you spell it??

Anyway first we played the boxing game... Alex knocked me out 4 times and finally I said enough!!! Next we played Tennis, now this was more like it I was actually pretty good!! Now I want one!

Another fun Sunday spent with the Martin Clan...and in case you are wondering where poor Arland is while I am off having fun???? He was with James on a 65 mile bike ride!! We both got home about the same time.

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