Friday, September 19, 2008

Escape from Cabot....

Wednesday ended up being a day off off running. By the time we finished the Bun's & Ab's class and then Jane's Latin Dance class we ran out of time for a run. I think it was probably a good thing! I am sore from Bun's & Ab's but I think doing Jane's class afterwards kind of helped and I'm not as sore as usual.. all the hip shaking and then the great stretches afterwards were just what I needed :)

Thursday started with a nice run with Jane & Michele. It was really cool probably around 57 degrees which is PERFECT running weather to me!! Cindy, Rock and Gary were at the CC when we arrived so it was nice to get to say hi to them and get a hug from Gary :)

When we first started running it took me a few minutes to realize that Jane and I were running ahead of Michele, not something we usually see!! I told Jane hey we better take adavantage of this while we can so we slowed down a little bit and all ran together. Of course by the time we made it to our first really long incline Michele found her second gear and we had to speed up to keep up with her. Michele asked if we wanted to go the same way we did last Thursday and go over the concrete bridge that caused Jane's bloody knees.. or another alternative, I stayed quiet and let Jane decide..she of course didnt' want to go over the "bridge of bloody knees" can't say that I blame her.
This run was a little quieter than normal a couple times I would have to say ok time for someone to tell a story!! LOL

My stomach started doing it's thing around mile 4 on one of the hills but luckily just by slowing down a little bit it subsided.... usually I have to either walk or completely stop for it to calm down. I was pretty excited and just hoped it would stay calm. Just before mile five it started again I would speed up, slow down over and over but somehow my stomach behaved. Finally at 5.8 it decided it started revolting again, I had to stop for a little while and then was able to walk and then back to a run I just prayed it would hold out... and it did. This was definately a much easier run than Sunday & Monday!!

6 miles 1:00:40

10:06 avg pace







I was home by 6:15 and got a lot of tidying up done before I had to go to work. I had a hair appointment at 10:00 so I actually got to work a little early to the shock of the guys in the office. I think it scares them a little if I show up before 8:30!! LOL

The gray roots had started getting pretty bad so I was excited to be getting that taken care of and excited to get out of Cabot for a few hours.

I was also playing delivery person for Team 1 and needed to go to our shop in West Little Rock.. well on the way is a speciality running shoe store and I just couldn't pass it up. I told the guy all my feet issues, pain under my big toe, and Plantar Facscitis in the past. I also told him how the Saucony's didn't work for me and that I had been running in Asic Keyano 13's for a couple of years and really loved them but of course now they don't make them anymore, I also told him that I had tried the Kenyano 14's but didnt' love them so based on all of that he brought me out several pairs tof shoes to try on and then would watch me run in them. First up were a pair of Asic's 3000 they only had size 7.5 and they just didn't feel right. Next were a pair of Nike Structure Air Triax 11.. I had just retired a pair of 10's well I don't know if they need to be retired they probably didnt' have that many miles but they just weren't feeling as good anymore... anyway I LOVED the way the 11's felt!! Next... Mizuno wave nirvana 4's, LOVED them!! It was between the Structure and the Mizuno... the Mizuno's were more expensive, quite a bit more, but since my Nike's didnt' seem to last very long I decided on the Mizuno's, hopefully they will last longer and end up being the better bargain in the long run. I really liked the guy at the shoe store, we talked a lot about long distance running etc.

I am wearing my new shoes at work today to help break them in, I really want to wear them for the long run tomorrow morning.

After the successful shoe shopping trip I headed over to Team 1 West, dropped off some stuff, went out into the shop and visited Jonathon for a little while. By that time I was STARVING!! I had a "Andrea" banana muffin at about 6:30 in the morning after the run and then I had run through Starbucks on the way to my hair appointment but both had worn off by noon. Luckily as I was talking to Jonathon where I was moaning about being hungry Arland texted me to tell me they were at a near by restaurant... actually the restaurant was right next door to the shoe place. They were all almost done eating but insisted I order something anyway so I ordered a turkey sandwich and it came out really quick.

The they I am talking about were some of Arland's business partner's and our new accountant.

After saying goodbye to the guys I headed to Target. I wanted some new picture frames... 30 minutes later as I was getting back in my car with my purchases I remembered them. I left with a new sports bra, new panties, and some vitamins... no frames :(

While I was in Target Jane called to let me know she was back in her office, we had discussed during our run the fact that I was going to be in the area and maybe it would workout that I could stop by.

Jane is a Trust Bank Vice president... I am used to seeing her all hot and sweating in running shorts and skirts. It was really cool too see her all dressed up in her proffesional attire :) She is beautiful.. inside and out!!

The Cabot Cruisers won the Team Spirit Award during the Tour D' Rock back in .. well whenever it was June or July???

It is a traveling trophy and Jane had picked it up and has had it in her office for a little while, now it is Team 1's turn to display it for a little while... I have to tell you though it was a little tough getting Jane to hand it over!!!!

Next I headed to our North Little Rock Team 1 to drop off there checks... I stayed and chatted with Neal for a while, I used to work at the NLR shop and although I don't miss the commute I really miss Neal!!!

It was almost 3:00 by the time I made it back to Cabot and I was beyond the point of being able to do anything productive. I did sort through some bills etc. but it was hard to keep my eyes open the last hour!!

We had dinner plans with "the guys" at Bennihanna's in Little Rock, I really did not want to have to drive home after dinner so I called Neal and persuaded him to drive to Cabot to pick me up and that way I got to ride home with Arland. It was really nice of him, he had to drive 16 miles north to get me and Little Rock is to the South!! :) I'm a lucky girl to have such good friends!

We met at the bar in the lobby of the Wyndham Hotel and I had a margarita... oh that was yummy!!! I haven't had a margarita in ages well since after the San Francisco Marathon. This one was really good and I sucked it down way too fast so of course I had to have another one. I really hope I don't regret those margarita's tomorrow morning during our long run!!

Dinner was great I ate too much, but really I don't know if I ate too much or if it was the margaritas because we took home a pretty big to go box filled with our left overs.

OHHHHH I forgot to mention that Michele made Arland Mexican Chicken the other night and brought it over!! So now between the Bennihanna left overs and Michele's mexican chicken I don't have to feel guilty about not cooking for the next couple of days :) LOL
When we got home I kicked off my shoes and looked down at my feet and they were swollen!! yikes not a pretty sight.. luckily they are back to normal this morning.

It was so nice to get to spend some time outside of Cabot for a change!!! especially on a workday ;)
It is a rest day today and then tomorrow a few of us are going to the RiverMarket and running the "River Trail Loop" for our 16 miler.

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gabsatrucker said...

Love, Love, Love the pic of you and Jane with the trophy!! Susan has invited me to join the two of you Sunday for a run, looking forward to it. Are you running the 5k tomorrow?