Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun - Fast Tuesday

I am volunteering with the Magness Creek Elementary school running program on Tuesday afternoons. Yesterday was the first day and I was so excited! I scooped up Mr. Harry from school, and off we went to Magness Creek. Harry is going to a Montissori pre school right around the corner from Team 1 so it only made sense that I should pick him up and take him with me to Magness Creek...not only does this help his mom Jackie who is the creator/organizer of the running program but it also makes me feel like I am helping the environment just a tiny bit.
Livia called to let me know she hadn't picked Kylie up yet so she would be waiting out front, Harry and I found a parking spot and headed to the front of the school to find Kylie.

Everyone was gathered in the school gym and while we were listening to the pre run speech Livia and Tracy showed up with Kylie's running stuff. Once she was changed we headed out to the track around the playground. We were starting off with running a little and walking a little.

Kylie and Harry did great both little balls of energy although Harry is a more experienced runner than Kylie so he was able to run longer than she was
Jackie doesn't just send the kids out and have them run, they also do warm-up's - High Knee's, Slow & Low's and a little speed play.
I think Jackie said there we 76 kids signed up for the program so sometimes the track would get a little crowded... it kind of reminded me of the start of a Marathon..LOL
Brenda's grand daugther Madison found us, well actually I think we just all ended up in the same spot at the same time.

I had Madison, Harry and Kylie with me for the rest of the run and they were all so affectionate, they gave me so many hugs and I loved every minute I spent out there with them!
After the run was complete Jackie sent Victoria to go with me and Kylie to get Harry's belongings... so while on the way through the school I got a little tour. Victoria showed me her classroom and Kylie showed me where she sits for lunch in the cafeteria :)

I took Kylie home and spent some time with her playing in her room... well basically we danced to Hannah Montanna at full volume!

Next up was my Tuesday Night Flyer's running clinic.

All summer we have been doing mostly interval pace training but now Dennis has switched us to Lactate Threshold pace training.

I ran the warm-up with Rick Pinedo, he is a fast runner but he likes to warm up slow so we ran together. He is a super nice guy and we chatted and had a very pleasnt run.

The workout for advanced was
3x 5min at LT pace
with 2 min walking/jogging rest inbetween repeats and then finished it off with 2x200 at interval pace.
My LT pace is 9:20 but I don't have my Garmin set up to show Avg. Pace so I was just running by feel. I know that LT pace is not supposed to be 100 % effort but it is also not supposed to be easy.

Here are my splits -
1- 5min 8:36 avg
2- 5min 8:56 avg
3- 5min 8:19 avg

I knew the second one felt slower so on the third I tried to just keep pushing but I had no idea it would be that much faster.

My intervals were - 1st 54 seconds div>2nd 200 52seconds
Pretty good for me my 200 interval should be 59seconds I think, either way I was faster and I was very excited that the last one was my fastest. I told myself this is it you are done after this so just leave it all out on the track. It didn't hurt that the High School marching band was practicing while we were running! That was pretty cool I felt like I was flying down the track and that the band was playing for me! lol
I did a 1/2 mile cool down after that and then cooled down a little bit more by jogging with Kennedy, Andrea's little girl.
I finished the workout feeling really good.. not wiped out but knowing I got in a great workout!

Still not finished.......
Next I drove over to Michele's house and we walked at a quick pace for about 50 minutes.

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