Saturday, September 13, 2008

Long Run Hell


This was a Terrible,Terrible,Terrible run!! It has to be the worst since last summer when I was training for the Chicago Marathon and pretty much every long run sucked back then.

To start with it was HOT and HUMID at 5:00am!!!!! I checked the hour by hour weather forcast and it said that it was 77 but felt like 82.
We were running in Magness Creek for a few miles and then heading across Hwy 5 to Lila Loop. The run started off fine, just hot and sticky but I felt great!! Until a little over a mile when my stomach twisted up.. I was on the prowl for a port a potty, there is a lot of new Construction on the north side of Magness Creek and I had notice some construction port a potty's when I took Kylie home the other day. I had to walk and then I had to stop cross my legs let everything calm down etc. Jane and I are both keeping an eagle eye out for a PP but in the back of my head I thought if we get to Kylie's house first I will try and see if anyone is up. Of course no one was and the door was locked, as it should be!!
Luckily it wasn't much further when I saw a PP.. ran over used it, and we continued on. We had finally lost sight of Brenda, Michele and Cindy when the problems first started but we were doing an out and back so I knew we would pick them back up.
Next we were headed back to Andrea's house. Andrea, Dennis and Ginny were going to run 9 miles with us.. well not me but.. whatever. LOL
I ask Andrea to use her bathroom, mostly to wash my hands but I decided to take a seat and see what happens... NOTHING happened but I could feel pressure and I sat for a few minute hoping something would happen.. NOPE. O.K. I can't stay in here forever so I grab a couple of paper towels and off we go. Pretty much from the start I felt off... it wasn't too bad but just didn't feel right.
After we crossed hwy 5 we started the hills.. hill after hill after hill. I guess we were at about 7 or 8 miles and I just felt like I couldn't breathe.. our plan was to keep running on Ballard Rd. until our Garmin's said 5 miles and that would give us 15 when we got back to Andrea's house. I kept plugging away but it was getting harder and harder. I couldn't really understand what was going on, I felt like I had put on someone else's body everything felt foreign, my leg's didn't feel like my own and my breathing.. good grief why can't I breathe???????? Finally we turned around a little short of the 10 miles, because there was a pack of about 10 dogs coming after us!!! Sheesh this run was just getting worse and worse!! LOL

It really did all fall apart after that... I started taking walk breaks and soon I was doing more walking than running. Jane and Michele had been running slightly ahead of me and at one point didn't know I had started walking, but once they saw how far back I was they came back for me. They walked with me, ran with me when I could and I was feeling so guilty for ruining their runs... especially Jane. Michele was just running to keep up her long runs, although she isn't officially training for Disney yet but Jane is training for the Memphis Marathon.
I kept telling them to go on but they wouldn't, eventually my stomach started acting crazy again and this time nausea decided to come along as well. I told Michele why don't you guys just go on and you can get the car and come get me!!!!!!!!
So off they went and here I was on some back road all alone without my phone... it wasn't until they were out of sight that I remembered I hadn't brought my phone along. It ended up being ok, but still not very smart!
After they were gone my stomach calmed down and I thought darn I shouldn't have told Michele to come get me in the car. Luckily I had yelled out to her while she was still visible that I would wait for her at the entrance to Magness Creek.. I didn't want her driving aimlessly around looking for me.
When I got to the meeting spot I stretched a little bit but I was feeling really dizzy so I sat down on the curb to wait for Michele.
Just as I see her turning into Magness Creek two girls come running by and ask if I'm o.k... I can just imagine how I looked all laid back on the sign!! LOL Well actually I know how I looked because Michele took a picture! and now you all know how I looked too... LIKE HELL!!!!!

Michele dropped me off at Daily Grind and on the way I started to get a little emotional... I felt like a huge failure and I knew everyone was worried about me... I really dreaded walking into the coffee shop!!
I think my blood sugar must have plummeted because I was standing in line to order and I started feeling really dizzy and I still just couldn't breathe right... finally I go outside to sit down and Brenda is sitting there and I'm trying to tell her about my run when I start crying... no not just crying, I am hyperventilating!! It almost felt like a panic attack but I didn't have heart palpatations.
I don't know what happened to me today but it really really sucked and at times it scared the crap out of me!!
I sat in the pool for a little while when I got home, the water is colder now and I thought it might help my legs... not sure if I mentioned earlier that not only could I not breathe but my legs were really heavy and sometimes just felt kind of dead... must have been the lack of oxygen????

OH well I'm fine now, I've showered, and have just been taking it easy this afternoon.

I don't really want to post my splits or avg pace because it is so awful but part of the reason for this blog is to record my runs even when they suck!!

13.7 miles 12:40 avg pace


gabsatrucker said...

Oh sweetie, that's just a sucky start to the day isn't it? I hope the rest of today goes much better. Dr. Gabby says to go get Kylie and cuddle up with her, that should be a surefire prescription to feeling better.

Sending you positive vibes from Searcy.


Cheryl said...

Oh, we've all been there, remember when I started crying on Kavanaugh? It makes me tear up just thinking about it, I'm sorry you had a bad run, don't let it get you down, try and forget about it.

Did you eat anything before that torture? probably not, it was miserable Saturday and your body was trying to tell you something, I don't know what, but something for sure, good thing you stopped!

Your next run will be fine, don't worry about it!

*aron* said...

YUCK everyone has those bad runs... and just remember those are the ones you pull from at the marathon!! i cant imagine that heat and humidity soooo early!! you will get an awesome run next time!