Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Run Fast... Run for Fun

My week has felt off... the run on Sunday night has thrown my timing off. We normally run on Sunday mornings and by doing it on Sunday night it now feels like that was Monday so I have been thinking it was later in the week than it is. Silly I know but it is funny how just one little thing out of the normal routine can throw you off.

The usual gang got together for a run on Monday night. Jane, Kelly, Michele and myself met at 6:30 for a run, and Michele had picked out a fun new route, NOT. We started out in her neighborhood and then she took us out to the Campground Hill. It is a pretty decent size hill but what makes it even more challenging is the fact that it is on a busy road with NO shoulders! I guess one good thing about that is it makes you run harder up the hill just so you can get off of Campground. Next we went down Stagecoach all the way to East Main, on the way to East Main we had some rolling hills and a nice downhill.... problem with that downhill was that the whole way down I knew we had to climb it coming back!! The whole time we are just running our little hearts out and our wind up toy Michele is as usual leading the pack.
The first 2 miles were kind of painful, my whole left side was kind of twingy and tight (from the hip down) but once we got to about mile 3 I guess I warmed up enough and didn't feel the pain anymore. After we made it back UP Stagecoach we hit Linda Lane and winded around all the normal neighborhoods. We had several more long inclines but nothing compared to Campground and Stagecoach.
We were once again running a really good pace and it wasn't easy but it wasn't killing me... my thought process was to just keep focusing on each mile.
I knew we were on pace to be as fast as if not faster than Sunday night and that also helped keep me going. We hit five miles just a little bit before Michele's house but we called the Scarlata rule and we walked when we got to five.

5 miles
Avg. pace 9:28
5-8:59 :)

We did a cool down walk with Jane and then Karen arrived and Kelly and I ran 2.6 more miles with Karen and Michele. I think they ran 4 miles and I really felt like I could have run all night but it was getting late and I needed to get home to my sick husband.

Tuesday with the kids at Magness Creek is quickly becoming the thing I look forward to most all week!!
First I get to pick up Harry from School and we have a nice chat all the way to Magness. He is quite the conversationist!!!
We headed to the Gym and I found Kylie lined up with the rest of the kindergarten kids. We quickly headed to the little girls room so Kylie could change into her running clothes. Most of the kids just run in whatever they wore to school which is fine but some of then looked pretty hot yesterday!
We didn't get to hang out with Madison yesterday since they broke the kids up by grade. It really makes sense and helps with the orgnization but we were bummed not to run with her.
There were several stations set up, an obstacle course to help with agility, and another area where they practiced high knees, speedwork, slow&low's and lunges.
The kids rotated through these stations as well as running on the track. There are a108 kids signed up for the program this year and having the stations really helps with the congestion on the track!!
After we ran our first lap we headed over to the water station and there was mass confusion.. the kids were all fighting over the coolers so I made them all line up behind me and I started filling cups for them. I did this until the crowd thinned out and then it was time for Kylie to change stations.
After the fun was over Kylie and I stayed and helped clean up the cups, and help pick up all the cones etc. that were used to set up the stations.
I absolutely love being a part of this program.. I LOVE seeing the kids outside playing and running and of course I love being able to share my love of running with Kylie and all the kids.
My Runner girl Kylie

When Kylie and I got to her house no one was home yet so we hung out in the car and blasted Hannah Montanna as loud as we could.. or as loud as my eardrums would allow!!
It was hard to leave Kylie but next on the agenda was the Tuesday Night Flyers.......

On the way Arland called and he sounded TERRIBLE... it kind of scared me and I told him I would come home and skip the track, but he said he was fine and for me to go on. I will admit there was a small part of me that wanted him to tell me to come home!! I wasn't really looking forward to speedwoork... but I always look forward to seeing everyone!!
Kelly and I decided that since our Monday night run could have been considered a tempo run especially the last 3 miles, we would do the intermediate workout.
We ran our warm up with Rick and then when we got back to the Track Jane had showed up :)
Kelly, Jane and I were doing the same workout so we started off together. First up we did 1x800 at LT pace, it was hard and I felt slow. Second was 1x1200 at LT pace this was really hard and I really felt slow!!!
I don't know if the Football team had practiced before we arrived or what but someone left behind a not so nice present on the track. Right in the first turn was a huge pile of throw-up... it was nasty, smelly, and gross. It got to the point where we were counting our laps by saying only 3 more times by the throw up... 2 more times etc.
Next we had 2x200 at interval pace..
It was a short workout but the way my hip felt after our last 200 I don't think I could have done much more. All the left turns on the track really do a number on my left sciatic nerve or whatever that is bothering me. We decided we would go off the track for our cool down so we ran around the highschool & CC for a mile as a cooldown.
I was really feeling bummed by how slow I felt and how hard it seemed to just run as fast as I did.... and then I got home and looked at my Garmin.
First 800 or .54 was in 4:24 which was a 8:12 avg pace my LT pace is 9:20 ....
The 1200 or .8 was in 6:42 which worked out to a 8:23 avg pace
The 2x200 were done in 53 seconds and 51 seconds....
Sooooo I guess I wasn't as slow as I felt.

Tonight is Bun's & Ab's and Jane's Latin Dance class... and maybe a short run afterwards???

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