Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday Long Run... well sort of

Sunday was supposed to be 15 miler.. Arland, Brenda, Kelly etc had all run 20 + miles the weekend before during the Inspiration Run so it was a back down week for them. For me it was a build back up run after not running at all the weekend before. I did get some good runs in during the week but nothing very long.

Kelly needed to start early so that she could get home for Church, we met at 6:20 and planned to run 3 miles before meeting the rest of the group. We chose the Candlewood loop, we started off fine, it was kind of cold and windy but we were dressed for it. After about 2.5 miles my stomach started giving me problems pretty much the same spot where they had started the morning before. We both were frustrated why did running feel so hard??? We were averaging 10:15 pace which is good but not super speedy so what was the problem????? We were starting to run a little behind and I knew I was going to have to stop at the gas station and Kelly was having problems with her blister. I was worried about the group waiting for us, right now cue Arland called me wanting to know where we were. I told him I can see you guys we will be there soon. Luckily it was a laid back group waiting on us so they didn't give us a hard time for putting them behind. I barely made it to the bathroom, but once I did felt much better. Arland, Brenda, Heather, Joan and Toni were waiting for us at the school. I had planned to run with Joan but as we were running single file along 321 I got too far ahead. It was a nice run at first, we were all chatting, once we got off of 321 onto a safer road. Somewhere around mile 3 of this part of the run my stomach started up again, of course it was just as were approaching the big hill on Campground. For the first time in a long time I had to walk up a hill... I would try to run a few steps but my stomach wasn't going to allow that. Luckily I knew we weren't too terribly far from my favorite port a potty. Normally everyone teases that I must eat a bowl of wheaties while in the port a potty becasue I almost always speed up afterwards LOL It didn't work this time, I was actually starting to feel nauseous as well as the other problem. I was having serious doubts that I would be able to finish the run. Kelly, Arland and Heather had waited for me, while Brenda went on to run her last 10 miles at race pace. On the way back to the school we had all prety much decided we were done. Kelly's blisters were bothering her, Heather had to get home and Arland was just feeling crappy. Luckily Joan still wanted more mileage so Arland and I decided to run with her. We kept a nice easy pace and it is always fun to run with Joan and hear her stories. We did manage to get in another 3.5 so I ended up with a total of 12 miles, a couple miles why of my original plan but considering how I had felt the whole run I was HAPPY!!
After we all said good-bye I waited for Brenda... I knew I had a little time so I decided to go to Mountain Mudd and get coffee and a Chai Tea for her, but it was Easter and Mountain Mudd wasn't open yet.
Once Brenda made it back we were chatting and she said do you want to go get coffee, I told her about Mountain Mudd so we decided to go to Starbuck's. It was really windy and chilly so it felt good to go inside sit by the window and having our hot drinks... we also had a little coffee cake for breakfast. I am waiting for Starbuck's to start charging me rent, as much time as I spend there!! LOL

Sunday afternoon I went to Magness Creek to see Kylie and take her over to play with Madison, Brenda's grand daughter. We were there for a couple of hours while the kids played we chatted and then all went for a nice long walk. It was a great afternoon!!!
When I got home Arland was starving so we went out to eat and by the time we got home it was after 7:00. I watched the end of Extreme Home Makeover and was planning on watching the new show on TLC "I can make you Thin" but instead I closed my eyes for a second and then passed out!! About nine Arland came into the room and suggested I go to bed, but like I told him I couldn't move!!! I guess the weekend completely wiped me out!!

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