Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday 10-miler

Dennis/Brenda sent out an e-mail over the weekend that we would be doing a 5 mile social run with fartleks for our WCR clinic on Monday. After being dissapointed by my short mileage on Sunday I realized that Monday could easily turn into 10 miles if I ran from Michele's house before and afer the clinic. Luckily everything worked in our favor and we were able to run to the clinic, James got home about 30 seconds after we arrived so it was perfect timing.
Arland had a clever idea, it is harder for him to get his weekday runs in now that we have the WCR clinic twice a week, so he rode with me to Michele's house and then ran over to the High School with us and then the rest of the way home on his own. It was a great way to make sure he got his run in, since the only way home was to run.
I stopped at the port-a-pottie when we got to the High School and then Michele and I ran the rest of the way over to the meeting spot behind the Community Center.
We were running a little behind and just as we ran up Vicki cranked up La Bamba on her car stereo and Jane led us in a Latin Dance warm-up. It was so fun!!!

I didn't see Terri... were you there on Monday???? I missed getting to chat with you before the run.

As usual we all split into our seperate groups, the advanced group headed out for our 5 mile route. I have to say that I am really getting tired of this route. It really is a great route, it has some hills some smaller inclines etc., but part of it is the same route to and from Michele's house. I did enjoy it on Monday though, we had a nice group and I got to run with Gina for a little while, she is really sweet and very interesting.

Dennis spoke to us in the beginning but then he had to leave, he went to Portland this week to visit family. Brenda was in charge... she takes her responsibility as our Leader seriously and she made sure we did the workout that Dennis had planned. We all kind of stuck together and would occasionally circle back so that we could all be together. For a little person Brenda has a voice that carries and when she would yell out that it was time to start a new fartlek we all acted like we had been shot out of a cannon... well most, I was kind of sluggish.
On one of the Fartleks we were on a downhill and Michele and Kelly got a little competitive, Kelly ended up over striding and hurt her knee. On the way back we walked with her a little bit until she was able to run again.

The run had started out warm, I had worn a long sleeve tech shirt but before we even got to the clinic I had to take it off, I left it in Brenda's car while we did the WCR workout, but on the way back we were running into a cold head wind and I was wishing I had it.
After we finished the run we regrouped, Kelly of course couldnt' run back with us becasue of her knee, but being the sweety she is, she offered to take sunglasses etc. back to Michele's house for me. She also went back along the route and found Michele's water bottle that she had thrown on the side of the road on the way out and forgot to pick up on the way back.

It was just me, Michele and Brenda running back, I of course had to stop at the port a pottie one more time.

It was a good run back, I was starting to feel a little fatigued but nothing too major, I did have to take two walk breaks. One was right after a biggish hill and close to where i had stashed my water bottle.
Neither Michele nor I had on Garmin's... I forgot mine and Michele's died during our first mile. We know that it is 2.25 from her house to the Community Center and we ran almost 6 during the clinic run so me know we at least got 10 miles. Towards the end of the run back Brenda said you guys are almost at 10 and Michele said that's all we want... it came out kind of funny she made it sound like once we hit 10 we were going to quit. Brenda said do I need to run back to the car and come get you????????
Michele is so hysterical she always has us laughing and Brenda is pretty darn funny too! those two have really helped me get through some tough runs!

I wish I knew what our splits were... I know we probably had some speedy miles especially for a 10 miler. It's amazing how dependent I have become on my Garmin!! I have been lost without it.

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