Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Running & Stuff

Speed work at the Women Can run Clinic last Thursday did turn out well. We did a 1.5 mile warm up and then headed to the track to do strides, 400's and 800's and more strides. It went well and Kelly, Michele and I were very concious about trying to hit our pace's. As Dennis always tell us there is a reason for each workout and if we run them too slow or too fast we aren't getting the full benefit. With the warm up, speed work and run back to Michele's house we ended up with 6 miles for the night. We had a nice big group running back to Michele's... Kelly, Brenda, Jackie, Bailey, Michele and myself, it was fun!

Friday is always a rest day for me... this Friday I had Kylie with me at work all day, and although that doesn't technically count as a workout it is!! LOL I LOVE every moment of it though, she definately keeps you on your toes!

The Cabot Country Cruisers sponsor a stretch of highway 89 in Cabot, once a quarter we go out and pick up trash on the "Cruiser Mile". It is usually a lot of fun because we are all doing it together. This Saturday was our day to pick up trash. We met at 7:00 for a 5 or 6 mile run and then trash pick up was at 8:00. I started off with Brenda and then Debbie B. joined us and Arland and Rick P. were right behind us. It really felt good at first but the first 2 miles were a little fast for me and I started fading soon after 2 miles. It didn't help that my stomach starting acting crazy and I was soon in the need of a bathroom! Sheesssh will this poop thing ever end????
Arland hung back with me we started to follow the same route as the others but I knew I shouldn't get too far away from a bathroom so we ran over to the gas station... just in time. After that we headed down 89 and then over to Bradley to meet back up with Brenda, Debbie and Rick. We ended up with 4.5 miles.
After everyone made it back to the school we all donned our orange vests, boot's etc and headed out to beautify our stretch of hwy 89.
It was really a good workout, especially for my hamstrings, I didn't have a grabber or poker so I just bent over to pick up trash.
After trash pick up several of us headed to Daily Grind for breakfast/coffee. The conversations were lively and as usual we had a great time!

After the fun of the morning it was time to head home and do some sprucing up and spring cleaning. First I had Arland go with me to Wal-Mart (which is a miracle) to buy some closet organizer stuff. I needed his strong arms!
He really hates wal-mart but he was a good sport and I tried not to torture him too much so we made it a pretty quick trip.
After our trip to Wal-Mart we grabbed lunch and then headed out side to trim our jungle of bushes in the front of the house. It was quite an undertaking and once again my hamstrings got a workout!

Once we were finished outside I went in to tackle our Master Bedroom closet.... by the end of the day I was beat but it felt really good to get so much accomplished!!

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