Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Fling 08

I think we are going to have to re-name this race, for the second year in a row it rained. Today though, unfortunately it didn't just rain it poured and there was thunder and lightning. The race was pushed back to 8:30 and by some miracle the rain had slowed to just a drizzle, or really you could say it was "condensating". It was also pretty cold! Brett was signed up for the race and Kylie was signed up for the Rabbit Run, a 1K for kids. There might be a few people who lost some money at Team 1. I think people were taking bets on Brett actually showing up this morning. I know it was really hard for him, but he did make it and he had Kylie with him.

We were very lucky this year that the school opened up the Field House for us, we were able to have packet pick up and race day registration in a nice warm facility and the runners who didn't want to warm up out in the cold rain were able to run and warm up inside.

I wasn't racing today, I had volunteered and had been assigned the Finish Line. I bundled Kylie up and we went out to brave the cold, let me tell you she wasn't very happy at all. The Race was being timed electronically timed, Gary Ballard does a lot of the races here in Arkansas. Brenda had already told me I would be a "clicker" I was kind of nervous, when I worked the finish line at the Magness Creek 5K we did the "ring" method, but I think they also had a clicker and some kind of electronic tracking.

Brenda introduced Sonja and I to Gary and he informed us it was our lucky day because we were going to be sitting in his warm, dry SUV. This was great for Kylie but I was kind of bummed because I really wanted to be able to cheer everyone in. OH well it did have it's perks!! I learned a lot about timing races today and I'm really glad for the experience. It was kind of stressful but Gary said Sonja and I did a great job... he called us proffesionals and said he should take us on the road with him.
Arland had a HUGE PR today!!! So proud of you baby!! Oh and so did Aunt Tamara!!! She finished in 39:56, last year the finish line was shutting down and I think she squeaked in in 55:00. She has been training hard and it really shows. Brett might not have broken any time records today but he did finish and he even won 2nd place in his age group.. 20-24 male

After I completed my timing duties it was time to go back to the Field House for the Rabbit Run. Jackie did an awesome job setting this race up for the kids, they had their own t-shirts and of course race numbers. The first thing Kylie said to me when she got to the field house was she wanted a number! LOL
Madison, Brenda's grand-daughter and Kylie ran the race together, they were so cute, at one point Kylie got a little behind and Madison stopped and waited for her so they could stay together. I was very proud of both of them!! Kylie did a great job, she actually was able to run all 4 laps with just a very short walk break.

The Cruisers did an awesome job with this race... the volunteers were great and even with the bad weather everything came together for a great race!!


Anonymous said...

Ha! They were betting at Brett to show up! You should have put money down on him placing. You could have Mtn Mudd for the rest of your life!

Kirsten said...

Yay for the fabulous pictures! Memory lane for me reading your story, I remember several RAINY spring flings and working the finish line! Its a great race put on by incredible people. :)

Susan said...

Excellent report and GREAT photos!