Thursday, March 20, 2008

Burning Lungs

Monday night was my first run after being sick for 4.5 days. I had been itching to run for a couple of days but I was also nervous, would I be able to breathe, would my legs fall off...

I drove over to Michele's to run from her house to the Community Center, I got there before she did and with one thing after another we soon realized we wouldnt' have time to run to the clinic we would have to drive. I headed over, I like to get there a little early so I can hang out with Terri for a little while.
We did our warm up and then it was time to head out for our warm up run. We have quite a few fasties in our group and we were running at a pretty good clip... especially for warming up. My legs felt really good but man oh man were my lungs/chest burning. I don't think I have ever felt anything quite like that, it was very uncomfortable to say the least. After the warm up Dennis had a speed work plan for us, I decided based on how my lungs were feeling to just run and not do the speed work. I ran with one of our clinic girls who is a little slower, my lungs felt better but still pretty tight. I really like the girl I was running with, she is really sweet and let's me chat away. LOL
Michele asked me if we were going to run back to her house.. I was a little hesitant but she assured me we would run SLOW and even walk if we needed to.
It was going to be a lot of shuttling cars around after but we decided to do it anyway... Brenda heard us talking and she wanted to add on too.
I was SO glad I ran back with them, I felt pretty good the whole time and I needed that boost of confidence. We didn't even have to take any walk breaks and we were NOT running slow! LOL We lie to each other like that all the time!
We ended up having to do a lot of shutting to get our cars... Michele drove us back to the Community center and then I followed her back to her house and then drove us back to the community center for her car. Brenda said it best... that was a lot of work to run 2 extra miles. LOL

Tuesday night is our Flyer's Clinic but bad weather kept me away.... well it was the fear of bad weather which didnt' materialize until much later in the evening. Instead Kelly and I headed to Starbucks... I mean she came to get me how could I say no???
I will admit that the whole time, well the first hour anyway I was feeling very guilty about missing the Clinic!!! After about an hour my phone rings and it is Brenda. She say's wow it's really loud where are you, I had to tell her the truth and she of course had to give me a little bit of a hard time for being at Starbucks instead of running... but that didn't stop her from joining us :) of course she got to do it guilt free!

Wednesday nights during the Clinic are kind of a free choice night. We can run or we might go to a dance class or whatever we feel like. This Wednesday we decided to run.
Brenda, Kelly and I met at Michele's at 6:00, when I had talked to Michele earlier in the day she didn't think she would be able to run with us. James was out on a bike ride and wasn't expected home until 6:45. Just as Brenda and I were getting out of our cars here comes James and Heather. We asked if they were done, they were so Michele was able to join us.
It was a beautiful afternoon the day had started off rainy and gloomy but by about 3:00 the sun came out and the winds died down a little was still pretty windy but at least it didn't blow you over.
I was nervous again about my lungs and they did burn but not as much as on Monday but my legs were really sluggish. No one was feeling their best, poor Kelly had it the worst but Brenda, Michele and myself were also struggling. We did end up with 6 miles which was at least 1 or 2 more than we thought we would do. I also had to visit my friendly port-a-pottie. Luckily the need didnt' arise until we were in that neighborhood so no problems.
We did end up having to take a couple of walk breaks but we still managed to end up with a 10:01 avg pace.
The last mile has our big hill I seem to run faster on hills, and then Michele made us sprint to the end... well she and Brenda sprinted I just tried to not die.
I'm not sure how much longer I have to deal with the burning lungs and the flem but I hope it is over soon!!
Tonight is the Women Can Run clinic.... we will do speedwork on the track. I hope it goes well!!


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