Thursday, March 27, 2008

I should quit running.....

That was what was in my head Tuesday night after our speedwork. It kind of scared me that I actually thought it much less said it outloud. I was really not happy Tuesday night I felt slow and everything felt hard. I think part of the problem is I'm doing too much speed work. Between WCR and the Tuesday Flyer's I am doing speed work 3 nights a week. Someone else suggested to me I was over training, and then someone else reminded me that I had just been sick.
I talked to Cheryl about it for a little bit in the parking lot afterwards, and I also talked to Bailey about how I was feeling.

It also didn't help that I lost my Garmin... yes.. poof it has just disappeared. The last time I remember having it was after the run on Sunday. I know I looked at my splits while I was in my car waiting for Brenda and I think I remember it being in my jacket pocket when we went to Starbuck's but after that, it's all a blank.
I didn't realize it was lost until Tuesday, I didn't have it on Monday but I also didn't look for it. I have looked all through my car, and the obvious places at home and I just can't find it.

Shoes have also become an issue, I have been running in Asic's Gel Kenyano 13's for over a year, and I really like them. Well now they are discontinued and they have the 14's. I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago, and at first I liked them. I did feel a little discomfort across the top of my foot but didn't think too much of it until last week when the discomfort changed to outright pain.
Tuesday night Andrea brought her newish pair of Nike Volmero's.. not sure of the spelling on that. Anyway I put them on and wore them for our 1.5 mile warm up. They felt GREAT, but had no support, I could feel my feet kind of turning in and Cheryl watched me run in them and said my ankles were collapsing in when I landed. So I took them off and put my Asic Kenyano 13's back on for the rest of the workout.

My mood has improved... can't keep Chipper Nettie down for too long. When I got home Tuesday night I realized that I had pretty much hit all my times for the 400's and 200 that Cheryl timed for Kelly and I. Our first 2x200 we didn't have a watch or anything to time us and I know we were faster on those than on the last one that was timed. That helped a little bit.... and then Wednesday morning my super sweet and supportive husband ordered me a new Garmin 305. It should be here today.
Also yesterday afternoon Bailey dropped by some Gu's she was donating to the Spring Fling and in side the bag was a card for me with some princess stickers... hey Bailey I know you said those were for Kylie, but I might have to keep them for myself!! ;)
Anyway the card was full of wonderful quotes about running and she also wrote me a sweet note and that really lifted my spirits!!

Life is good... I'm still a runner.


Cheryl said...

You know I feel like that a lot, glad to see it didn't keep you down.

Anonymous said...

Annette - FIRST OF ALL YOUR ARE A RUNNER AND A GOOD RUNNER!!! Yes 3 days a week of speedwork is a little much (remember it got to me last week). I remember when I started Carolyn's schedule I thought (WHEN DO I HAVE AN EASY DAY) and there were none - of course I added one in. Right now I think you need to make Monday's an easy run (don't do the fartleks or if doing hills don't run them hard). If you want to go to 3 days a week later when your body tells you it is okay then that would be the time. Work up to it - but DON'T let it get you down. We need Chipper Nettie to STAY Chipper Nettie!!!!


Susan said...

All's well that ends well, huh?!?

Sorry about the Garmin. I, too, would have come unglued. However, I think that when I can run again it is going to be Garmin-free for a while. I am almost afraid of that day, to be honest. I am afraid that I'll be soooooooo out of shape that it'll really upset me. Oh well -- we shall see!