Sunday, March 16, 2008

A few good runs and then....... BAM the Flu

I finally felt like I got my running legs back when the Flu bug that has been surrounding me for weeks finally decided to attack.
Monday night was the WCR clinic and I met Bailey and Debbie B. at Michele's house to run to the Clinic. We had to wait for James to get home so we were running a little behind so Debbie pretty much had to take off without us. Bailey was with her for a little while but then she circled back for us. We were running pretty fast for a while but I didn't want to push it too much. I told Michele I wanted to enjoy these runs and didn't want to start dreading them.
Once we got to the Community Center we mingled for a few minutes until time to seperate into groups. Dennis had a meeting out of town on Monday so Brenda was our Coach. She and Dennis had agreed ahead of time that we would have a 5+ mile social run with "pick ups" we did three on the way out and I believe they did 3 on the way back. Pick ups are pretty much the same thing as Fartleks or Strides. We did the first one for 30 seconds then 45 seconds and then a minute.
I had put a bandaid on my blister but it came off and was roaming around rubbing all my toes the wrong way. I finally just had to stop and take my shoe and sock off to get rid of the darn thing.

We were almost to our turn around point when my stomach decided that it was tired of playing nice and started giving me problems. Michele's house was maybe a .5 mile away so we decided to go to her house and then hopefully meet back up with the group. Bailey went with us, her hip flexors had been giving her problems. Thank goodness Michele's house was so close!! I almost didn't make it and I don't know what I would have done otherwise.

Bailey decided that she would be able to finish the run but after just a few strides she turned back. The problem was her key's were back at the Community Center. No problem I told her to just take my car and get them. She came back around and asked if I was going to run back to Michele's house or did I want her to wait for me at the Community Center. I really couldn't face the thought of running back to Michele's we had basically been running back and forth the whole time so Bailey drove back to the Community Center. Towards the end of the run I started feeling good so I was able to finish strong. Once we got back to the car I still had .25 left to hit 8 miles, Kelly said she would run with me so we circled the Tennis courts a few times.

Tuesday night was our clinic and we had Time Trials. I have been nervous about this for weeks. We had done two of these during the clinic, one back in May or June and then another in early November. The first time it was pretty hot and the second time it was freezing and dark. I had almost exactly the same time both times. I was really dissapointed by the one in November and so I have been worried that I would be dissapointed again.
We had great weather for Tuesday night, it was a little humid but really pretty pleasant. Although we were all soaked after our run!!
May/June 2007 1 mile 8:37
November 2007 1 mile 8:36
March 2007 1 mile 8:20

Wednesday night was a rest night since we had the big Inspiration run on Friday. I had to go to Wal-Mart to get a few things for work and while there I swear I felt the germ jump in my throat. Cheryl say's I'm crazy, which I am, but it was just the weirdest thing. So by the end of the night I knew it had hit me, but I was praying I would wake up Thursday and be fine. Instead I woke up Thursday feeling rotten. I stayed home hoping to be able to fight it off and still be able to run on Friday.


ShirleyPerly said...

Oh no, not you too! I think you're about the 10th blogger I've read today that has the flu or something similar. Hope you get well soon!!

Susan said...

Oh I am so sorry that you're not well. Get some rest. You deserve it!