Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Tulsa adventure continues

Ok.. where was I??? Before I start back on our Tulsa adventure I just have to say that Spinning kicked my butt this morning!!! The format was changed, and we did spinning and upper body weight lifting intervals. Andrea and Stacy tag teamed us and it was awesome, but I know I am going to be SORE!!

So Saturday evening.... Everyone finally made it to the hotel and Brenda called to tell me that we were to all meet in the lobby. Susan had just called and was almost to the hotel so the timing was perfect.
We all visited for a little while in the lobby. Raquel brought her famous homemade brownies. I just have to say OH MY GOODNESS they were delicious!! so good but soooo bad!! Homemade baked goods are my biggest weakness! Susan had also brought us some goodies, cookies from Ed's Bakery in Conway. Very yummy and very sweet of Susan to bring them!

We had decided on Spaghetti Warehouse for our carbo loading dinner. We all caravaned over with Arland in the lead. Once again he "lucked" out and took us right to the restaurant. We were really lucky, be had 14 people and only had to wait just a few minutes. The hostess told us she had a party of 20 coming in an hour did we think we could be done. Ummm the question is do YOU think you can serve us our dinner within an hour. They gave us the table for the party of 20. Everything went really quick but we were not done within an hour, so I hope they had something else set up for that party! The food was really good, but as usual it was the company that was the best part. Susan has a great picture of our group at dinner. Jane was sitting across from me so I got to talk to her a little bit, this was also her first marathon and she was very nervous. Lucky for her she was surrounded by a lot of experience marathoners to help calm her nerves. This weekend was also Lisa and Bob's 18th wedding anniversary. They just moved to Arkansas this past spring from Florida. They are both just really nice and I am so glad they found the Cruisers. Lisa is quite speedy and is also a tri-athelete so we of course call her tri-Lisa. Bob doesn't love running quite as much as his wife, but he came along and did the quarter marathon in Tulsa. He is a very funny guy and they make a great couple!
After dinner we all hung out in the lobby for a bit before everyone retired to their own rooms to prepare for the next day. Arland didn't really show it, but he was pretty nervous! He had gone over his plan in his head and outloud most of the day.
This was my first 1/2 marathon that I had a goal other than to just finish. Of course finishing is always my number one goal, but this time I also had a goal time. My half PR was 2:24 that was at the Little Rock 1/2 back in March, since then I have trained for and completed a marathon and have been working out with the Tuesday Flyer's so I thought mabye just maybe I could do it a little faster..............

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Susan said...

Great job, woman! I am loving your report. Tulsa was awesome!