Thursday, November 29, 2007

Test Run

Last night was my last run before the 1/2 marathon in Memphis on Saturday. I needed to test drive my new "Run for Elijah" shirt and I thought the tempature last night was close to what it is supposed to be on Saturday. It was pretty chilly last night so I don't know if it was a good match. I was wearing the Elijah shirt and a black running skirt. It was a bit chilly to start with but when we were running I was fine, actually even got kind of warm. I think I might wear a sleeveless shirt under the Elijah shirt and if I have to I can tie it around my waist. I am hoping I will be able to keep it on for the whole race. The only other problem is a lot of raised stitching on the seams, it was irritating me last night, so I guess I am just going to have to remember to apply lot's of body glide... everywhere!!

It was a good run last night., I was taking it easy both to recover from Tuesday and to save my legs for Saturday. Kelly and Robert came along for the first 3.25 Kelly's knee started giving her problems and she didn't want to take any chances with the race 2 days away.
Thank you Robert for reminding me to pace myself!! LOL

6 miles
Avg. 10:28
1 - 10:35
2 - 10:19
3 - 10:17
4 - 10:37
5 - 10:25
6 - 10:34

This morning was spinning. I literally didnt' feel like I had anything left in my legs, but I made it through class. I didn't give it my normal effort but considering how I felt I thought I did ok. Now it's time to rest and get ready for Saturday.

Tonight Kylie is spending the night with us... we will eat fettucine alfredo, drink chocolate milk and watch Dancing with the Stars :) I can't think of a better way to spend an evening!

Here is a picture from Kylie's visit to Team 1 yesterday

She wasnt' really in the mood to have her picture taken so she was making weird faces. LOL


ShirleyPerly said...

Have a BLAST in Memphis!

Susan said...

Kylie is a doll!

Heck - I would have loved that evening, too -- fettucine, choc milk and DWTS!!!

You are so speedy, Annette. Go girl!