Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Homecoming

My girls Livia and Kylie came home on Friday. I went to the airport to meet them and give them a ride home. I have a nice big truck so plenty of room for all of their luggage.

Tracy and Jeff were ahead of me and when I got to the security area they were all hugging.

The last time Kylie came home from Brasil she was very shy and she was speaking Portugeese.
I headed straight for Livia and was giving her the biggest hug I could when I feel these little arms wrap around my leg and I hear the sweetest voice saying NaNa. I reached down for Kylie and she jumped in my arms. I can't tell you how great that felt.
We were all just chatting away so excited to all be together. After we picked up their luggage Tracy had to leave for a Doctor's appointment. She really did NOT want to leave the girls and I sure didn't blame her. Jeff was very sweet and offered to drive so I could sit in back with Kylie.
Kylie was very talkative was telling all kinds of stories from her time in Brasil.

When we got back to their house we made "egg's for nina" and spent some time together. Livia looked like she could pass out at any moment, but Kylie was wired for sound!!!
Sadly I had to leave after a little while to get back to work, but Arland and I went back over Friday evening and spent some time with them.
Kylie LOVES her "Chio" but is usually a little shy with him in the beginning.. not last night as soon as she saw him she went running to him with her arms wide open.

It is so good to have them home!! ! Now, like Tracy suggested someone needs to hide their passport's !!!!


Susan said...

She is cute as a button!

cheryl said...

I'm glad they are home too. I hope Livia will start running with us again at the Clinic!