Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spinning Running & Swimming

Thursday evening Kim, Cheryl, Brenda and I met at the Jax community center to go for a run before our swimming lessons.
We had run to a local park the week before and were hoping that it would be well lit now that the time had changed. No such luck, it wasn't so bad running over but once we got there darkness had settled in and there was very little light. Now normally I would have had my cap light but for some reason I didn't wear it, I guess I thought the park would have lot's of lights.
On the run over Kim and Brenda soon took the lead and Cheryl and I lagged a little behind. Once we got to the park Cheryl and I needed to make a pit stop, we were talking about being worried about Cheryl's ankle and how we were just going to go at an easy pace. We started around the lake and it was VERY dark! We would call out poles, and other obstructions to each other and we were trying to be careful. We had made it to just the other side of the lake when Cheryl yelled out, she had twisted her ankle. Our worst fear had come true and Cheryl didn't take it very well, she has had a lot going on and I think this was just the last straw. I felt so helpless! She was able to walk so physically she seemed ok, it was the other I was worried about. We made it back to the restrooms and she took off her ace bandage to see the damage. Luckily it didnt' look too bad, maybe a tiny bit swollen but nothing compared to the way it looked last time she sprained it.
I was keeping an ear out for Kim and Brenda and as soon as I heard them approach I let them know we were going to head back to the CC. They came with us and I was very glad! It was soooo dark and just as we were leaving the park some guys called out to us, believe me we walked away as quickly as we could!!
Once back at the CC Kim and Cheryl walked and Brenda and I decided to get in a couple miles running around the track that cirlcles the CC. We were running along when Brenda said do you realize how fast we are running. Honestly I was so worried about Cheryl's ankle I didn't even realize I was running fast. She said at one time we were just under and 8:00 minute mile. Sweet!!!
It was an awesome run, we just kept running around and around and I was able to keep the pace up for almost 3 miles.
From Brenda's Garmin
mile 1 - 10:05 - warmup over to the lake
mile 2 - 9:34 -
mile 3 - 15:05 - walk back to community center
mile 4 - 9:29 - laps around comm center
mile 5 - 9:07
mile 6 - 9:20
The really exciting part... mile 6 was our cool down lap!!
The first 2 miles were different on my Garmin
Mile 1 10:14
Mile 2 11:01 this was where Cheryl twisted her ankle.

After our run we went in to the Community Center to change for swimming. I was really dreading class and when we first got in the water our instructor took my two partners Maddy & Brenda away from me and I was BUMMED!! I seriously thought I am not coming back after tonight!! But then I had a good swim and I will finish out the month. No lessons in December but I'm hoping to keep going to the pool in Cabot. The swimming really seems to help my body feel better.

By the time I got home Thursday night I was exhausted... I started the day off at 5:00am with spinning class then a full day of work and then running & swimming. I think I might be getting too old for this!! LOL


Susan said...

You are soooo fast and soooo not "too old" for any of that!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, sounds like you're doing some triathlon workouts! Found your blog via Susan and just wanted to say hi. BTW, my motto is you're never too old :-)