Thursday, November 8, 2007

Catching UP

It's been a busy week, I didn't realize until just now I haven't blogged since Sunday. Lot's of great workout's since then.

Tomorrow my girls Livia and Kylie come home after a visit to Brasil, gosh I have missed them so much!! It is a good thing I have running and so many friends to help keep me busy while they are gone! Although I miss them terribly while they are gone I am always so happy that they get to go. Livia misses her family so much and I think it is wonderful she does get to go back to Brasil as often as she does. Arland and I went to Brasil almost three years ago and we LOVED it!! Everyone was so nice to us and the country is just beautiful, of course there is a lot of poverty and violence so I think it would have been a different experience if we hadn't had family with us all the time. We stayed with my Dad & stepmom Vanda and they were awesome!! Someday I should devote a whole post to them and Brasil, but this post is supposed to be about my workouts this week.

Sunday - I met Kim, and Cheryl in Lakewood, we were planning a three mile recovery run. The run actually turned into about 2.5 miles and a trip to Starbucks. All of our runs usually end at Starbucks but this time we just couldn't wait!! LOL

Monday - Kim came to Cabot and we ran 4 miles it was a good run, I didn't have my garmin (battery died) but Kim said we finished it in 41 minutes so not bad.

Tuesday - 5:00am Spinning class. It was a shorter class timewise but very intense.
Tuesday night was the Tuesday Night Flyer's clinic. Cheryl and I with a few others had a one mile time trial. Most of the others had done this the week after we came back from Chicago, but of course I couldnt' with the blisters and Cheryl was out of town. We did our warm up run .65 miles, a quick trip to the potty and then our strides. It was really cold Tuesday night, in the mid 40's but felt even colder. I had on a sleeveless running shirt and a long sleeve running shirt and capri tights. For some foolish reason I decided to tak off the long sleeve shirt and run my time trial just in the sleeveless... big mistake! So we are off, and immediately my pants start falling down.. sheesh this sucks!! LOL Of course I had to announce to everyone that my pants were falling off.
One mile time trials are hard! You just have to run hard as you can for a whole mile and it sucks!! I was VERY disapointed in my time, I really thought I would have improved over my first one we did in May. I was actually 2 seconds slower. Cheryl on the other hand did AWESOME she shaved off a full minute from our first time trial.
Final results -
Annette 8:39
Cheryl 8:48
After the time trial we cooled down chatted with everyone, did 3 more strides and then ran .65 miles back to our cars. Overall it was a great night and I have stopped beating myself up.

Wednesday - I actually slept in and it felt great!! Wednesday night I met Cheryl and Brenda in Lakewood for a 6 mile run. It was pretty cool about 50 degrees but it didn't take long at all for us to warm up. This route is pretty hilly, we start off with a pretty good incline and then it levels off for a while and then a little after 2 miles we have a huge hill to climb in front of the Old Mill. As we were running up Brenda said dont' stop at the top just slow it down, I was thinking no way!! but she was right and we just kept on going. Cheryl and I had to take a potty brake after the first loop. It was a quick one and then we were on our way again. We run 2 2.5 mile loops so we had the same hills for a second time. After the second loop Cheryl was done so Brenda and I said a quick good-bye and we continued on to get in our last mile.
6 miles - 10:30 avg.
1 - 10:54 Cheryl had some shoe issues
2 - 10:24
3 - 10:45
4 - 10:12
5 - 10:58 saying good-bye to Cheryl
6 - 9:40
Not very consistent splits but I can definately tell where the hills were! LOL
It really was a great run... it was a beautiful night the lake was so still and sparkly and I was running with two of my favorite running partners!

Thursday so far... 5:00am spinning, I didn't think I was going to make it through the whole class, but somehow I did.
Two more workout's to go today a run and swimming lessons.

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Susan said...

H-O-L-Y C-O-W. You are a workout queen! Do you ever rest? LOL :)

You are a FAST one, Miss Annette!

I would LOVE to read about your travels to Brasil!