Monday, November 26, 2007

Running for Elijah and Brandon

I'm ready for Memphis now that I have my Elijah shirt. I love the shirt but I am a little worried that it might be too warm for the race on Saturday. Last year it was 29 degrees at the start and I think it was still 29 at the finish. It is looking quite a bit warmer for this year. Low in the upper 40's and high of 65. Oh well it doesn't matter I am wearing this for Elijah and if he can go through all the pain he has in his young life I can be a little warm for a couple of hours! Elijah has a friend Brandon Tyler who recently lost his battle with cancer. I knew Brandon when he was much younger before he got sick. I worked with his mom at Little Rock Air Force Base. I had Brandon's caring bridge website saved in my favorites and I would check on him every now and then. I saw his Mom Kathy not too long ago and Brandon was feeling pretty good. I was very sad to click on his website this weekend and see that Brandon had earned his "angel wings." This Saturday I will be running for Elijah and in memory of Brandon.


Arland said...

Thats a HOT looking shirt:)

Kelly said...

You look great in the shirt and I am sure you will run with great pride for Elijah and Brandon. I will be thinking of them, their families and the many others who are touched by St. Jude's while I am running this Saturday.

Susan said...

Great shirt my friend!!!!