Friday, November 16, 2007

Just What I Needed

I had plans to meet Brenda, Cheryl and Kim at the community center for a run before our swim lessons. I almost didn't make it, I really needed to go to the bank and deposit my paycheck. After talking to Brenda I decided I needed to run more than I needed money! LOL I am really glad I did too it turned out to be a really good run, one that I needed to give me some confidence going into the Tulsa Route 66 1/2 marathon on Sunday.
We started off easy our first mile was a 10:13 and then we just progressively got a little faster. I had a lot to get off my chest and I was just blabbing away the whole time we were running and didn't even realize our pace until around the 4th mile.
I really don't understand Garmin's... I mean I do, but what I don't understand is how two people can run the exact same route together but one end up with more mileage than the other. A little bit yes, especially since we were running around a circle so one person is going a little bit wider than the other. The weird thing is that at mile 4 mine and Brenda's Garmin's went off at the exact same time, but then at mile 5 her's went off almost a full .7 before mine. When her's went off we slowed for a second but then decided to keep going until mind beeped, it was dark and I couldn't see it so we thought it would only be just a tiny bit.
We are going by Brenda's split's since mine ran long, although we were fairly close.
I don't have the exact splits but maybe Brenda will read this and leave them in the comment section.
5 miles
9:24 avg pace :)
I am beyond thrilled with that!!!!!
I know I can't hold that pace for 13.1 miles but it give me confidence that maybe just maybe I can hold a 10:00 for 13.1 miles.

We will be leaving in a couple of hours... I guess I should get back to the packing, yes I am still packing.

Oh one more thing... several of us went to Tropical Smoothie in Jacksonville after swimming and YUMMY!! I had the Health Nut smoothie and it was delicious! After the great run and then a full hour of swimming drills I was starving and that smoothie was perfect!

Tulsa Bound... Have a great weekend everyone and Good luck and have fun to all of our friends running the Spa 10K this weekend in Hot Springs.

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Susan said...

Good luck Annette! I am excited to see you over there!