Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blah Monday

Yesterday was a gray chilly day add to that it was the first day back at work after a 4 day weekend. I am really lucky to have the job I have, but honestly I don't care how much you like your job it is hard to go back to work after a few days off. Lucky for me I didn't have anything pressing that had to be done. I had an appointment with Christy for a massage at 11:00 and then went home for lunch. It is nice to be able to go home for lunch, it saves me lot's of money and calories, plus I get to stay caught up with "All My Children". Later in the day we got a little visitor. Livia and Tracy were going shopping and Kylie wanted to go to Team 1 to see NaNa and daddy :)

I just love that little girl so much!!! We worked hard coloring and reading ballerina stories and she recovered by lounging on her fold out "bed" eating Doritos and drinking orange crush.

It was hard for me to leave her when it was time to go home at 5:00. Normally I would have stayed but Michele had called me earlier in the day to arrange a run.
Michele lives in a big neighborhood and has another nice big neighborhood across the street, so plenty of safe, fairly well lit and low traffic streets to run on.
It was pretty chilly last night, I had on a sleeveless dri fit shirt and a long sleeve dri fit shirt/jacket and running pants. I forgot my gloves and ear coverup, but I ended up being ok without them...eventually.
Brenda was already there when I arrived and they were outside waiting for me.. no I was not late, they were early!! LOL
We ran 6 and then walked over a mile back to Michele's house. I am loving all the Christmas lights, it really was a nice diversion. The dark helps too, we run through a lot of cul d' sacs, and through the same streets more than once but since it's dark and we are pretty much talking the whole time you don't even notice. The route has some rolling hills/inclines which will be good for our Nashville training.
It was a tough run, I never got that "good" feeling not even close, my legs felt like lead pipes the whole run,
but I got it done and of course I felt great afterwards.
6.06 miles
Avg pace 10:02
1 - 9:40
2 - 10:00
3 - 9:59
4 - 10:29
5 - 9:57
6 - 10:08
Not bad considering we stopped for just a little bit around mile 4 for a water break, and we would sometimes come to a top when we got to a few stop signs.

When Coach Dennis sent us our workout for tonight he had an add on at the end.
Remember to come rested to these workouts so you can get the most out of them.
Hmmm .... after the run last night and spinning class this morning my legs don't feel very rested today :(
We are doing Hill repeats tonight.. Wish me luck!!!!


Susan said...

You are so so so fast!

cheryl said...

I believe you are getting faster still!! Rested? What's that?

kim said...

I LOVE Kylie's boots!! Those are so cute---and she's just adorable. I always enjoy hearing about her chip/drink choices :)