Thursday, April 17, 2008


Gosh I have gotten so far behind on my blog. I have had a ton of things to blog about but work has really been keeping me busy during the day and then everything else keeps me busy in the evenings so I ran out of time for blogging. There have been many things I have thought oh I can't wait to blog about that... of course now i've forgotten most of them but here are some highlights of the past 10 or so days.....

Hogeye 1/2 Marathon.
This was a training run it was also a way to get points for the Grand Prix. We had such a blast!!! The race was ok, very hilly which I knew going in and am not going to whine about. The hills were the main reason I wanted to run the Hogeye. Michele and I wore matching Pink skirts and tops and we got so many compliments!!! Everyone was telling us how cute we were and how much they loved our skirts. I had a few issues during the run we had to stop at a port a potty within the first couple of miles, it was a construction site port a potty and there was a line, we lost five minutes at that stop and then there was one more around mile 7. When we got to the Town Square just before the finish line the girls, Brenda, Bailey, Rock, Jackie, Arland were all waiting for us to cheer us in.
After the race we went to Jose's and had lunch and margaritas... I had 2 huge margaritas and they were so good!! I have pictures but i'll have to post them later. The Dinner the night before and the lunch after the race were the best part of the weekend... we all laughed so much!!! Bailey said something Saturday night that was so funny that Jackie was doubled over leaning against a building with tears streaming down her face she was laughing so hard!!! It was the BEST!!!!

Latin Dance Class -
I am so loving this class, it is a great low impact workout, it really works your legs and your ab's and Jane is just such a great instructor!!!! Last night there were 27 people in class! The only bummer is the sound system and the AC.. neither work very well.

Swimming -
Michele, Kelly and I go to the pool after Dance class and swim, play for a while and then we go hang out in the arthrtis pool. I always feel so good afterwards!!! Last Sunday a big group of Cruisers met at the CC pool and had water running lessons. Karen one of the Cruisers has been going to PT at UAMS and also taking some additional classes and has leared the proper way to pool run and some other cool exercies.
For Livia's birthday I bought her a 6 month membership at the CC and she has started swimming a lot. I didn't know until recently that she used to swim competiviely in Brazil. That girl never ceases to amaze me!

I've been working out with Andrea for a couple of months now, at first I focused only on upper body and core, but a few weeks ago I told her I wanted to start doing a leg workout on Wednesdays. It works out really well, my legs are recovered in time for our weekend long runs and it is the day after our Tuesday night Flyers clinic so it doesn't interfer with speed work. I can definately see a difference in my legs already!
Between Andrea's class, Latin Dance Class and Swimming Wednesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week.
Livia and Kylie also workout with us and that just adds to the fun. Kylie is quite the little exercise girl!!

We have had some great runs some fast some slow some easy some hard.
Last Saturday was our last "long" run before Nashville. The plan was to do the 10.5 mile loop around Cabot and then add on. Part of the loop includes a couple of miles on Hwy 321, this stretch of the hwy is very slanted and Michele can't and won't run on it so we went off on our own, we cut down Kerr station and then met up with the group on 1st street. Gary and Curtis also came to run, Gary was with the fast girls and Curtis and Arland would run together for a while and then seperate. We said hi to the girls and Gary and kept on running to find Arland, first we saw Curtis and then Arland wasn't too far behind him. Arland was on a mission though and he left us in his dust!! Michele and I were just having a nice easy run! When we got to the Rail Road Tracks Curtis stopped and ran back towards us, he didn't know where to go. This was his first time running this loop. We stopped at the Phillips 66 by the High School so I could use the facilities. When I came out Michele and Curtis told me that Arland had gone on... like I said he was on a mission. Curtis is so sweet he said he wanted to run with us and he kept us entertained for a while. Eventually we could see Arland up ahead and Curtis decided to catch him. It worked out for us because we didn't want to go back to the school, we would have if Curtis stayed with us but when he went on we took a tour of Cabot and ended up with 14 before we got back to the school. We decided that 14 was as good as 15 and called it a run. Oh I almost forgot Michele and I almost got run over when we were running on Mt. Carmel, it was just before the big hill when all of a sudden a woman in a small goldish color car just starts heading straight for us. Not you know kind of side swiping us but heading straight for us. Michele and I both jumped back and obviously she didn't run us over but let me tell you that scared the crap out of me. The adreneline made my legs weak and the wind was gusting so that was a tough run up the hill!! I never really recovered and the rest of the run was pretty tough.

We've had many trips to Star Buck's and Daily Grind... my favorite part of running is the after part. I love hanging out with everyone and having a big Latte. Last Saturday Livia, Kylie and I went to lunch and shopping together. We were on a mission to find a new paint color for my guest bathroom... we went to Sherwin Williams and were on our way to Home Depot when Cheryl called and said she was also headed to HD... so we met up and she helped us look at paint colors and light fixtures. I'm hoping that Livia is going to paint and decorate for me while we are in Nashville.

Today is my wedding Anniversary and Kylie's birthday. Kylie is 5 and Arland and I have been married for 9 years. :)
Life is great!!

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Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! Mine was on the 2nd of this month (3 years). Happy Birthday to Kylie!!!