Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday Night Flyers

We had a small group last night. Cheryl is away in sunny Florida on a business trip and the Harrell family had a sporting event to attend. The one's who did make it were -
Kellie (Mrs. Holt)

Advanced workout was 1.5 mile warm up with 4 strides 4 high knees and 6x400 at interval pace.
Indermediate workout was 1.5 mile warm up with 4 strides 2 high knees and 2x200 3x400 1x200
After a hilly 20 miler, and then hill repeats the next day I decided to be intermediate along with Arland and Kellie.
Kellie and I ran together for the warm-up, we were running a pretty fast pace and Arland decided to not keep up with us, although he was still running a good pace!! We ended up with a 9:20 avg pace for our 1.75 mile warm up.
Kellie was going to hang with me and Arland for the workout... she didn't have a watch or anything and I don't think she realized how fast she really is.
We all three did the 200's together, well Kellie and Arland finished ahead of me but not by too much. The first 200 was too fast 56 seconds, according to my chart I am supposed to run 200 interval pace at 1:05. The second 200 was 1:00even so a little closer to what I was supposed to run.
Dennis was watching us making sure we had correct form and we werent' dying or anything.
The first 400 2:01 a little fast, was supposed to be 2:09.
Second 400 2:00 a little fast again
Third 400 2:05 a little closer to my goal pace....
Fourth 400 2:04 pretty consistent..
We were only supposed to do 3 but decided to do an extra one.
After the second 400 Kellie started running with the fast girls.... and she kept up with them no problem. Although when I talked to her she said it was really hard, but interval pace is supposed to be hard so I was really proud of her. She has really been selling herself short she has a lot of natural ability and is going to be very fast!
Because we did 4x400 instead of the 3 on the plan Dennis told us we didn't have to do our last 200.

All of the 400's were hard and while I was running them I kept thinking why is this so hard, why can't i make my legs go any faster. I was also starting to get kind of breathless on the last two, it was kind of freaking me out, I was thinking I had developed Asthma or something but after talking to Dennis I felt better. He said that is how it was supposed to feel. The Interval pace is supposed to help develop our VO2 max.

After the work out was done we all headed back to the school together. At first I was thinking I don't know how I am going to be able to run all the way back, I even thought about walking at one point, but I guess I got my second wind because not only did I keep running I ran a little faster and before you know it I am with Cindy and Brenda and the others had fallen behind. I really just wanted it to be over and when I saw that little white building just before you get to the school it made me want to run faster.... kind of like when I see a port a pottie in the distance! LOL I don't know what my pace was because I forgot to stop my Garmin.

It was a hard workout but I felt great afterwards. No beating myself up because I was too slow or it was too hard. It was supposed to be hard and yes I am not as fast as the others but I was hitting the #'s that I was supposed to so I feel good about that.

Today was another good leg workout with Andrea, and tonight is Latin Dance and swimming. :)

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ShirleyPerly said...

WOW!!! 20-miler, hill repeats and then this tough interval workout -- you're one heck of a runner!

That is so impressive Annette. Now that I've recovered from my injuries, I need to start adding in some harder stuff. You've motivated me!