Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Last Thursday night was a rough one in Central Arkansas I think they have confirmed that 6 tornado's touched down and one of them was in Cabot just a few blocks from our house. First our Satellite went out and then the power, luckily Arland is a Hamm radio operator and a Volunteer FF so we knew exactly what was going on... too much maybe! Storm spotters had spotted a tornado heading our way so we headed to the hall bathroom with pillows and blankets, I got in the bathtub but Arland never did. We did hear the tornado but luckily it didn't hit us. I didn't realize how close it was until the next day.
Friday morning we woke up to no power at home or work. I knew I needed some coffee so I headed to Daily Grind and bumped into Michele and a friend of her's. We ended up staying and chatting for a very long time!! I spent the rest of the Afternoon at Livia's house. Brett and I had a nice long chat and then the girls came home and I got to play with Kylie.

I headed home about 5:00, I talked to Kelly and we arranged to go out to dinner. We had a big race weekend ahead of us so we all went to Roma's to carbo load. Kelly and Robert's daughter Kelsey also joined us and she loaded my phone up with some new ring tones and even loaned me her i-pod to wear at the 10K the next day. She's a sweetheart!!

Shirley thank you for the great comment on my last post!!! I have admired you for so long and for you to say that I helped to motivate you meant a lot to me!!! Thanks!!!

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