Sunday, April 27, 2008


Nashville was great!! We had such a good time the whole weekend, starting on the drive over on Thursday. I laughed so much this weekend that my stomach still hurts!!
The planets were not aligned properly for me to have a great race time wise but I had a great race fun wise!!
I made many new friends and finished feeling pretty good. I went into the race with a bit of a chest cold and a pain in my upper right calf that I have actually had for a couple of weeks. I felt it the first 15 or so miles but after that my feet hurt so bad I didn't feel it anymore!! LOL

A full report will come tomorrow but just wanted everyone to know I had a great weekend and a great Race!!
Finish time was 5:18 and some seconds.


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Congratulations!!! I know Nashville is a hilly course and also heard the weather wasn't the greatest. Look forward to hear the details of how your race unfolded.