Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Run Up... Run Down - Repeat

Coach Dennis was back last night for our WCR clinic. He had travelled to Portland Oregon the week before and although Brenda did an EXCELLENT job as our coach it was great to see Dennis. It wasn't so great to see what he had planned for us!! Actually we already knew we were doing Hill Repeats, Dennis and Brenda always send out e-mails ahead of time letting us know what to expect.

It was warm yesterday but when I got home I felt chilled so I chose a pair of capri running pants and a short sleeve shirt to run in. Luckily I had to go out to my car to get something and I realized how warm and muggy it was so I changed into a skirt and sleeveless shirt.
Michele and I had talked earlier in the afternoon and we both agreeded that we would not run to and from the clinic. Michele was feeling achy and we both had a chaffing issues, her's were worse than mine!

When I got to the clinic the first person I looked for was Jane, I had to give her a big hug and thank her for our conversation on Saturday afternoon. I called Jane Saturday to ask her some questions about what her Marathon plan had been for Little Rock. She finished LR in just under 5 hours and she looked so great, I just knew I needed to talk to her. She really gave me some good advice and just helped calm some of my nerves. I love Jane and am so thankful that through the WCR clinic and Cabot Cruisers we have become friends.

Kelly's knee is giving her problems so she brought Kelsey to the clinic and she stayed and cheered us on but she didn't run. She won't be able to run tonight or tomorrow either between work and sporting events she is booked up so hopefully a couple nights of rest and the knee will feel better.

Dennis gathered us together and sent us off for a 1.5 mile warm-up while he went to the hill to wait for us. We did the warm-up pretty fast but I was able to hang on, until the last little bit when my stomach started up, luckily I just slowed down a little and it went away.
After we all finished the warm-up Dennis went over the finer points of uphill and downhill running. He told several ladies they were going to do 6 repeats and then he touched me on the shoulder and told me to do 8.... EIGHT are you kidding me???? Jackie and Brenda both said she ran a hilly 20 miler but I swear Dennis didn't hear them. Oh well, I decided I would just do six anyway.
Dennis has always complimented my hill running technique and last night he was concentrating on the new ladies, I guess I was doing ok becasue he never corrected me. I did hear him doing a lot of correcting for several of our ladies.
Up and Down, Up and Down, Up and Down... sheesh it was hard! Michele had missed the first two hill repeats, she had been talking to Vicki. When I got to # 6 she was only at # 4 so I told her I would run one more so she could have 5. She really didn't care but I made her do it anyway... for both of us. By this time Brenda was running with us and she said she was going to do whatever we did. I swore after number 7 that I was done but when we got to the bottom of the hill I just had to make it an even number and do one more. I ended up with the eight that Dennis had told me to do. I was glad I made myself do those last two repeats!! Once everyone was finished we talked for a few minutes with Dennis and then we had a 1 mile cool down. We ended up with 4 miles for the night.
Brenda, Kelly and I have known for a long time how lucky we are to have Dennis as our Coach. I hope the women in our WCR clinic realize how lucky they are, I think they do. I know Michele does, before the clinic started she was very nervous about Dennis being our Coach but I know she loves him now!!

Yesterday with Andrea we did a full upper body workout... Tracy, Livia and Kylie joined me. After the workout Andrea made us protein shakes and we all chatted for a bit. I enjoyed working one on one with Andrea but I also love having others join me. I really love that Kylie is coming along, she got out her own bench and weights and she did push ups and crunches as well. I hope that exercise will always just be an automatic lifestyle choice for her.

Tonight is Interval pace training... OUCH!!! LOL

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