Sunday, April 20, 2008

Massage, Breakfast & Running With a little High School Musical thrown in.

Friday was a rest day and I scheduled massages for Arland and I with Christy. My legs were pretty much toast from over 200 squats, countless walking lunges and some other leg routines on the exercise ball that we did Wednesday with Andrea and Latin Dance class with Jane.
Thursday night at the WCR clinic was a challenge, I felt like my legs were concrete stumps and honestly didn't know how I was going to run.... but somehow I did manage 5 miles with speed work. Friday morning I woke up still sore, even more so. I was a little worried about the massage, deep tissue massage can be painful on it's own add in tortured legs and well you can just imagine.
Poor Christy, my right quad was really tight and the muscle had knotted up I guess. She had done one pass and when it was done I start laughing uncontrollably, she asked if I was ok. I told her "that hurt so had it almost tickled". Well that knot didn't want to be worked out and it was several minutes of torture and uncontrollable laughter. I had no control over it, I've always been this way, either I'm going to laugh or cry and I never know which one it is going to be. Christy did eventually manage to get the quad straightened out, but she said my hips and glutes were really really tight and she was suprised I wasn't having lower back pain.
After the massage it was even harder to walk than it already had been. Kelly had to work Saturday morning and we had talked about meeting at 6:00am to get in 6 for her and 8 or 9 for me. Well after the massage I honestly didnt' know if I would be able to run in the morning especially since it was supposed to be pretty chilly.
We decided we would run at 2:00 in the afternoon instead. It was nice to be able to sleep in on Saturday morning. I got up and enjoyed a quiet morning and then went to "The Diner" to meet several of the Cruisers who did run on Saturday morning for breakfast. As usual that was a lot of fun, Rick also came along and I think I have convinced him to come to Jane's Latin Dance after he returns from his next "TDY". Arland and Reginald were also able to join us for breakfast. I tried to be sensible with my breakfast knowing that I had an afternoon run, but they kept refilling my coffee cup before I could even half empty it so there was no telling how much coffee I drank... and it did have an effect during the run!!

I don't think I realized it was going to get as warm as it did but we needed a good run in warmer temps because we don't know what the weather is going to be in Nashville. Arland had "hydrant clearing" in the morning so he planned to run with us as well. We ended up getting a little bit of a late start and it was 80 degrees with bright sunshine. Our saving grace was the wind, normally I hate the wind and it was VERY windy but it helped keep us from overheating. We kind of made up our own route and got in 7.5 miles with 10:30 avg pace. It would have been faster if the stomach monster hadn't hit me about mile 3 until about 4.8... I had to stop frequently to let the feeling pass, really to squeeze really hard and hope nothing would come out!! Gross I know :( So after a stop at the Community Center I felt much better and we were able to pick up the pace for the last couple of miles.

Friday night as part of Kylie's birthday weekend Tracy, Livia, Jeff, Kylie, Brett and I went to High School Musical on Ice. It was really fun, I've been to the play and I really liked the on ice version even better. Kylie loved it and even Daddy and Brett enjoyed themselves.

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