Friday, August 15, 2008

Now What

It feels like I have been training for Marathons for over a year, and well I guess I have. We started training for Chicago in April 2007. As most people know Chicago did not turn out as planned, yes we were all able to finish but it wasn't what we had expected so several of us wanted to find another Marathon right away. The first pick was PF Chang's Rock n Roll Marathon. We tentatively started training with that goal in mind, but for several reasons we decided it wasn't going to workout. In the meantime I started doing Cheryl's long runs with her while she was training for the Little Rock Marathon. Finally we decided we were going to do the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. It was perfect by training with Cheryl for her marathon I was building a great base for my own Marathon training.
Pretty soon Michele and Kelly were also running with Cheryl and I and we had our own little training group going on. We occasionally had guest runners who would join us and Cheryl also came to Cabot to run with the Cruisers on a few occasions.

Nashville training went well and our last big 20 miler was duirng a torrential down pour with thunder and lightening in the distance. It was a tough run but when it was a rainy start to the Nashville Marathon we were grateful we had already experienced way worse!!!

Well before we even got to Nashville I had signed up for the San Francisco Marathon. My new friend Bailey and I were having lunch one day and the subject came up.. well before you know it I'm signed up and soon after with very little arm twisting Cheryl and Michele also commit to San Francisco.
During the Nashville/CMM Marathon around mile 18 I was really kicking myself for signing up for another marathon before I had even completed this one. I was having a lot of self doubt and swore I was NEVER doing another marathon, or at least not for a very long time.

I had to back down on my mileage and then eventually take almost two weeks off after Nashville to let my calf heal so I was a little worried about San Francisco but before too long we were back in training.
Although we had some really great training runs especially the long runs I kept thinking I can't wait to take a break from Marathon training. We had planned on running the Disney World Marathon in January, I thought I could take it easy for about a month, keep up a long run base of 10-12 miles and just like I said take it easy. WELL Arland and I decided that we were not going to do Disney after all. It would have been a very expensive trip and Arland really had no desire to go to Disney World plus with his PF we really don't know if he will be able to run a full marathon this winter.
I was pretty bummed... I was still floating along on my San Franciso high and I knew I didnt' want to wait until Spring to run another Marathon. What to do. What to do?

After mulling over it for a few days it hit me... why not just do the Full Marathon at St. Jude in Memphis instead of the 1/2. We already have rooms reserved and there are a ton of Cabot people going. So now I am going to be jumping right back into Marathon training!!! I guess I'm just addicted!! I've also signed up for another marathon in February but I'm not going to post about it right now... I have to tell Arland first!! LOL I hope I get to talk to him before he reads this!

I have a pretty full race schedule leading up to Memphis.....

Clear Mountain 5K
Sarah Low 5K
50 miles of the Big Dam Bridge 100 miler Bike Ride
The Great Duck Race 10K
Spa 10K
I'm sure there are others but these I know for sure off the top of my head.
Oh almost forgot I might possibly go back to Spring Field MO. and do the Bass Pro 1/2 Marathon.

A full schedule but it makes me happy and it keeps me running!!


Anonymous said...

I know what is in February :) and I am not telling until Arland knows!!!!

Don't forget we might check out that half marathon in Conway in October. I didn't have it on our schedule but will check the date and see how it works for us.


Arland said...

WHAT????? I go out of town for one day and see what happens!

Susan said...

St. Jude full!!!!! Whoo hoo - go girl go!

I'm guessing New Orleans...