Friday, August 29, 2008

Name Change

As I was thinking about what I was going to blog about today it occured to me that I have been posting about Biking almost as much as Running so I thought it only appropriate to change the name of my Blog to Running and Biking with Annette. Of course I might have to change it back to just Running with Annette during the winter. I am pretty sure I am going to be a fair weather biker. It is hard enough sometimes to just run in the cold and wind I can't imagine biking in it!!!!

So now onto yesterday's workouts.

I was a good girl and rested the foot on Tuesday and Wednesday. I still don't know exactly what I did to my foot but the pain is mostly gone, every now and then I feel a little twinge but nothing compared to that first day.

Thursday morning I met Jane, Heather, Kelly and Michele at 5:00am for our normal run. Jane and I had discussed several times we just wanted an easy run, we have a race on Saturday and we wanted to be rested for it.
So of course we start off and Michele is in the lead and we are definately not running easy!! Occasionally we would back off and say oh yeah we are supposed to be running easy but then as usual the next thing you know we are speeding up again.
We chose a route that would take us back to the Community Center within the first mile in case I needed to use the facilities... and I did.. and it was an emergency :( Oh well once that was over we headed up our favorite hill and into the neighborhoods.
Jane, Kelly and Heather had to be done by 6:00 so we ran 4 miles with them and then Michele and I added on another mile. I was down about a half mile because of my bathroom break so I ended up with 5 and Michele had 6 or something like that.
It was a good run hot, humid, speedy and my foot never hurt!!

A group of us had gone to Chili's Wednesday night to suprise Gary before he left for his Ironman in Kentucky this weekend. Rock did all of the arranging and Gary was very suprised and very grateful!! I think we helped calm his nerves a little bit and of course we had to have the now traditional Pickle Shots. The Clinton children were also there and were so excited to get to do shots with the grown-ups!!
While we were at dinner the subject of a Thursday night ride came up... I heard the names of those attending and knew there was no way I was going, but Rock talked me into going anyway. I told her I can not keep up with you guys and she said she would ride with me.

Thursday evening Arland loaded up the bikes and we headed to SSE to meet for the bike ride... it was a group of really strong riders and I was intimidated!
Cindy, James, Heather, Arland, Mark Nettles, Phil Clinton, Rock and myself. I don't think I left anyone out...
So right away I am getting passed by everyone!! Rock comes up beside me and asks what speed do I want to ride... well I don't know?? So I said I guess about 17mph so she set the speed and I just stayed on her wheel. It was actually great because it felt pretty easy except for the hills, and we actually sped it up a bit. We were riding Hwy 89 out to Furlow and then back. 89 is a busy hwy but it has a decent shoulder so it is fairly safe, it isn't flat and it isn't hilly. Well it is kind of hilly to me anyway! LOL
On the way back I led and Rock stayed on my wheel and I really wanted to keep a good pace so I pushed pretty hard. I do great on the flats but I still really suck on the hills!!!!
Phil rode with us for part of the way back, he has never ridden a road bike before, he is borrowing James Martin's bike and I think he really enjoyed last night, he is definately a natural!! I don't know how tall he is but he is pretty darn tall with very long legs and he made it look effortless.
I was very excited when we got back to the school and I had averaged 16.5 mph for the entire bike ride :) Of course Arland the the other's all averaged 19-20+!!
Rock would have been right up there with them if not for me but I think she enjoyed a more leisurely pace. She even mentioned at one time about how pretty certain parts of the route were, she said when she is with Gary she never gets to see the scenery!
Between the 5am run and the great ride I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch a little after 9:00! Arland was also pretty wiped out he also ran yesterday morning and we were both in bed by 9:45.
I slept great and am ready for the weekend!
Saturday we have the Clear Mountain 5K and then a bike ride to Mayflower and back which should be about 36-40 miles. It will be hot and hilly but I'm looking forward to it. Sunday is our long run, we only have 10 on the schedule this week but I might add on and make it 12, of course afer Saturday I might just be thankful to be able to finish 10!!!

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Cheryl said...

Nice job on your workouts! I can't believe you changed your blog name!

I've been meaning to call you this week, been busy as a bee....