Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chasing Skirts

Yesterday was our 2nd annual Guy's v. Gal's competition with a little twist added in for this year. Miss Vic thought it would be a lot of fun to add the "skirt chaser" element to our fun little race, so the girls who wore skirts got a 1 minute head start and the guys who wore skirts got 2 minutes. There had been a lot of big talking about who was going to wear one and one or two of our guys chickened out.... but the real men wore their skirts proudly!! Arland, Phil, Dennis, Robert, Jason, and "Jimmy" were our daring manly men!!

The race was starting at 7:30 but I met Bailey, Brenda, Andrea and Jimmy at the school admin building to run 5 or 6 before the race.
The meeting time was set for 6:15 but we were all really early and everyone kind of just ran around the tennis courts to warm up... well actually Bailey was the earliest and already had a mile in when I saw her. After warming up we headed up Bellamy to do the 5K course and whatever else we needed to get our mileage. The warm up did it's trick and I stopped at the port-a-pottie at the high school. I begged Bailey and Jimmy to go on without me so Bailey said they would run slow. I took care of things and headed out, it was a very nice morning, not the low 60's they had forcast on the evening news, more like 71 but hey that's better than 88! It was though very humid!
I had on tri shorts under my skirt, and the skirt I was wearing is the heaviest one of all my skirts, it is a champion and I love it because it has a pocket with a zipper in the back. Anyway I felt like I had 10 extra pounds strapped to my butt and it was trapping the sweat big time!!!!
I had just made it up the big hill when Bailey and Jimmy who had turned back caught me. I would have been ok running by myself but I'll admit I was pretty darn happy to see them :) Of course that meant i was going to have to run harder. It was really a great run, the 5 K course which has several nice hills and one long gradual incline. We took one small water break on Honeysuckle on the way back but otherwise ran the whole thing at a pretty good pace.... well it was a good pace for me, but slow for them!
About the 5th mile my stomach started grumbling again and I knew I would need to use the port a pottie once again. Hills always seem to make my stomach worse and so I took the last two slower so that I wouldn't have any emergencies!!!! I hit 5 miles about .25 before the port a pottie and ended up walking slow jogging it in.
So glad we had those port a potties at the High School!!!
5.11 miles
9:56 avg.
5-10:31 this was where the stomach thing hit.

When we got to the school track a lot of Cruisers were starting to arrive. I needed to run back to the community center to my car to get my water and I wanted to keep moving. I didn't record any of my running back and forth and I'm not going to count it in my total for the day but it was at least half a mile if not more.
Finally it was time to get started on the 5K. Jane and I were running together and she said I'm just running this like a normal weekday run... and I said oh me too!! I just want to have fun!! And we did have fun that is. Actually we started off with Victoria Clinton, she was going to run with me until Bailey who didn't have a skirt on because of a bet with Jimmy caught up to us. Tori really wanted Bailey and didn't want to run without her... Jane stuck with us but once Bailey caught up we went on. So we had a pretty slow start but then we started picking it up and every time I looked down at my garmin the pace was around 9:30ish. I wish I would have looked at my Garmin a little closer and maybe I would have realized sooner that I had forgotten to turn it on! We were over a mile before I noticed so I don't have true avg. pace or splits for this run which is a bummer because I know we were doing well. We really weren't racing we were talking the whole time but we weren't running our normal easy pace and there were not water/walk breaks.
Also pretty much the whole race I had to pee.. it wasn't so bad at first but by the last 1.5 miles it was really starting to hurt a little bit.. oh well at least it wasn't the OTHER problem!! LOL
When we finally turned into the gate to the High School there was a table set up and people were standing at it and saying good job... well Jane and I thought it was the finish so we came to a complete stop, before people started yelling at us that we werent' done yet, and Charlie was passing us so Jane and I both sprinted it in, but the damage was done and a stupid boy passed us :( LOL
OH well it was fun!!!
I don't have good stats for the race since my Garmin was only on for 1.9 of the race but in that amount of time which didn't include the sprint at the end since I turned it off when I thought we were done we had an avg pace of 9:45 which although not really fast I was thrilled with especially since I had already run over 5 miles before the race.
We ran back over to the Community Center and used the bathroom and got our stuff ready for the bike ride.

Luckily Arland had taken us on a preview of the bike route on Wednesday and Bailey and I rode part of it on Thursday. It is very hilly with rough roads and several intersections. I some how ended up towards the front during the start so I had to GO... but once the really fast people went on I slowed down, I was not riding this alone!!! Gabby passed me and said come on Annette lets show them how tough we are and I said "I want YOU to go show them how it's done" LOL Gabby is an awesome biker and I didn't want to slow her down!! Soon Jane was behind me and I was looking for Brenda.. I asked Jane if she had seen her and she said she was with Vicki, so we went ahead and rode on.
We didn't ride easy but we also didn't hammer it.. well ok occasionally we did! I told Jane that I guessed we were a little more competitive than we thought!
Just like in the 5k run we talked the whole time, except when we were on Campground and Mt. Carmel where you have to ride single file and we were hammering on those roads because we wanted off of them!!! We lucked out and the traffic wasn't quite as bad as we had feared so it was a great ride!!

After the race we all headed back over to the admin. building which is next door to the Community Center.
It was really a great event and it was great to have quite a few new members in attendance!!
I had a few too many homemade chocolate chip cookies courtesy of Lisa Ford.. they were so good I had a hard time controlling myself!!
We didn't get to stay too long since we needed to head home to get ready for Kerri's wedding.

The wedding was very nice, Kerri was a beautiful bride and she and Cliff were both glowing.
Kylie caught the bouquet so she was thrilled... her daddy not so much!! He told her she has to wait 30 years before she can get married.

When we finally got home around 4:00 I was beyond exhausted. I don't really remember much about the rest of the afternoon until around 6:30 when the Women's Marathon came on. It was really sad that Deena Castor had to pull out within the first few miles. She said she heard something pop and pulled over to the side of the road.
BUT wow hasn't Michael Phelp's had the most amazing Olympics!!!! I'm sad that he is finished with all of his events!

I tried to go to bed early since I had a 3:30am wake up call for the next morning.


Bailey said...

Who is Jimmy?! :)

Richard said...

I love it, I for one would be right there letting the girls chase me in a running skirt I would have to go all the out.

Actually it is quite common to see me in a sarong or kikoy, I find them the most comfortable clothing on these hot days.

gabsatrucker said...

James took video of the bike start and Bailey's cheering section was the cutest thing. I had lots of fun Sat. and I'm sad that I'm missing tomorrow's get together at the River Trail. Y'all have fun!!