Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello From San Francisco

Day three of our San Francisco Marathon trip and we are having a great time!! Bailey got into town yesterday, she and her mom met us for lunch on Delancey Street and then we all headed back to the expo, well back for us we had already spent the morning there and now were going back for more.
This Expo is much smaller than Nashville and Chicago but WAY better than Little Rock and Memphis.
We felt like we spent the entire day there yesterday but it was fun and we got a few new things.
We have actually been doing a great job getting around and haven't gotten lost yet... yet!!!!

We are in San Jose at Bailey's mom's house, she and her husband Mark have been great hosts!! They took us to a local Italian restaurant last night and have stocked up on banana's and pickles for us :)

This morning Bailey, Cheryl and I went on our two mile run loosen up/warm up run. It was SO nice!! The weather here is a little warmer than San Francisco and it was perfect, low humidity nice cool breeze... Cheryl even had on a long sleeve shirt.

We will be headed back to the City soon .. we are going back to the same Hotel we were in Thursday night.
We have been on our feet the whole time we have been here, maybe we will get some rest this afternoon!

Arland and Cheryl have some pictures on their blogs


Kirsten said...

Good luck in the race!! What a cool city to be in for a marathon! Can't wait to read all about it...

gabsatrucker said...

Sounds awesome!! Please bring back some of the cooler weather, I'm tired of these 100+ temps already.

Good luck tomorrow!!! It sounds like y'all are having a great time so far.


Susan said...

Good luck Annette! I thought of you today as I made my way up a tiny, tiny hill.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog!!! glad you are having a good time out there, can't wait to hear the details!!

*aron* said...

hope you had fun in SF!!! cant wait to hear about your race!