Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Run... Bad Foot

I left work early on Monday so I could go home change and be at Michele's house by 5:15. The plan was to run to the Community Center to meet Jane and whoever else showed up at 6:00. It was very hot and very sunny at the start of our run, and I was feeling all 41.3 miles of our bike ride the day before in my legs. I wasn't hurting anywhere just a little fatigued. Not very far into the first mile my phone rang, it was Jane, good thing I answered because there was a little bit of confusion on the meeting place.. all my fault!! About 1/2 mile into the run I heard my text message beep, I had to check it in case it was about someone meeting or not meeting us at the CC. It was Brenda she had gotten delayed at work and wasn't going to be able to meet us :( I sent her a quick message and on we went. It was a pretty quick pace to the CC, about 1.5 into the run I felt that familiar twisting sensation and I had to stop in the middle of the road and cross my legs until it calmed down... luckily it did calm down and it lasted until we got to the CC. I really don't think we talked that much during the run, we both needed to get to the CC as soon as possible so we just ran!!
2.3 miles later and we make it to the community center, use the facilities which by the way it was so stinking hot in that bathroom I felt like I was in a sauna!!!
So we wait for just a minute for Jane and then the three of us take off, Michele is starting to panic, she needs to be home by 6:30 so James can go on a bike ride. Sara S. pulls up and tells us Heather is coming to meet us too... ut oh I forgot to tell her about the time change. OH well I knew they had each other to run with so I told Sara we had to head out.
Of course Michele is on a mission and speeds away, Jane is just warming up and I'm just trying to hang on for dear life!! Finally we had to let her go, but we were still maintaining a good pace. Once we got to Michele's we got some water and headed back to the CC. It was still hot, the sun was still shining but now we had a breeze that made it a little more bearable!!!! It was funny we kept saying we can slow down now, and we would for a few seconds and then would soon realize we had sped up again.
Just before we got to Linda Lane we saw Heather and Sara go by, we kept them in sight the rest of the run but we could never quite catch up with them. We took one quick walk break and then had to wait for traffic crossing from the High School back to the Community Center. When we did cross we saw the girls running towards us and they had picked up another runner.. it was Rock :) We did this funny little circle jog thing and then decided we would all run around the tennis courts. I had almost 7 miles and Jane just needed .3 more to have 5 so we kept running until she hit 5. We decided to do a cool down walk around the tennis courts again and Rock walked with us.
Jane was kind enough to give me a ride back to Michele's house :) I could have run back but it was much nicer riding with Jane!! We had all the windows down, I think we were both worried we might stink the other one out. My pony tail was steadily dripping sweat onto my shoulders and back and my face was beet red. Jane was pretty much in the same boat. As we are sitting at the red light a truck pulls up beside us and I just glanced over, the young guy driving looks over at the same time, a split second later the light changes and he yells out "hey mama"! LOL
Jane and I both got a huge laugh out of that!!!
Karen's car was at Michele's house when we got there so I figured they were out running. I said good bye to Jane and Alex and Abbie came to tell me where their mom was. I thought I'll jog over say hello and then go home. Well Michele talked me into running with them for a little while. I turned the Garmin back on and had a nice easy run, it was actually good for me because I felt looser after that run.
Too bad I didn't leave it at that!! I ran a little over a mile with the girls and then said good bye and headed back to my car. Alex went with me and the little speed demon talked me into racing with him. He is going to be quite the runner some day.. heck he already is!! So we raced about 5 times and of course he beat me every time. Finally though it was time to call it quits and head home. I felt really good!!! My first run was 7.3 miles and my second run was 1.25 so I was pretty happy with the mileage. I didn't turn my garmin on for the sprints with Alex but it was probably another .25.
I was very happy when I got home and saw that I had an average pace of 10:17 for the 7.3 miles. That 10:17 included a phone call, a text message and return text message, a stop in the middle of the street to cross my legs, 2 waiting on traffic crossings and 2 walk breaks!!!!!!

So I was feeling really good when I went to bed, slept well... then when I got up early in the morning to use the bathroom I did something to my foot. Well I don't really know what the deal is, but when I stepped onto the tile in the bathroom I felt a stabbing pain in the ball of my foot kind of below the second toe. OUCH OUCH OUCH what the heck was that!! I got back in bed and stretched and rubbed and tried to go back to sleep. When I got up an hour or so later my foot was still hurting, not quite as intense but painful. I have iced several times today and for a little while when I was home for lunch I didn't feel any pain at all. Unfortunately it came back and I decided to skip the speed workout tonight.
I'm a little concerned but trying not to freakout!!!!!
I was planning on running at 5:00am tomorrow but... I think I'm going to pay attention to this pain and take a little break even if just for one more day.

Darn. Darn. Darn.... I was feeling so good :(


*aron* said...

AHHH i hate foot pain! i have had a couple different problems with my feet... rest and buckets of ice water seemed to do the trick both times. hope yours feels better SOON!

Susan said...

Smart woman: be concerned but don't freak! I bet it'll get better with a tad bit of time off.

You're so active! What a good role model!