Monday, May 12, 2008

WCR Celebration 5K

Saturday's race was our "Graduation" from the Women Can Run Clinic. There were over 900 women competing on Saturday most were clinic participants but they also had an open division that was open to all women.

Last year at this race Joan helped run me in the last 3/4 of a mile she helped me get below 29:00 for the first time ever with a 28:45. That was my 5K PR all summer and I didn't break it until September.
I will never ever forget Joan running with me pushing me even when I didn't want to be pushed, but I would have slowed down and would not have had such a good time without her.

I was nervous about the race this year, I hadn't run a 5K since the Clear Mountain 5K in September and I had just run a Marathon 2 weeks ago. I knew I was stronger than last year I've been training hard and had a great winter and spring. I credit our running schedule during the winter for a lot of strength and increased speed.
I also have had a lingering calf injury from before the Marathon and have had to decrease my running quite a bit the last couple of weeks so I was a little worried.
I still had a pretty aggresive goal... my main goal was to break 28:00 even if it was 27:59 I just wanted to see 27:xx by my name.

I didnt' get in as much of a warm up as I wanted but luckily I caught up with the girls who were warming up and I probably got .5 a mile and then 4 strides... after the strides we still had some time so Kelly and I ran a little bit more.
We lined up at the front and I tried to not go out too fast... The first mile I was just trying to run fast but not too fast, I didn't want to burn out in the first mile like I have done in so many other 5K's!
Kelly was ahead of me as was one of the other girls from the clinic I was keeping my eye on. Pattie's husband Brice was the 1st mile split timer and he called out 8:50 as I was running by, my Garmin later showed the first mile as 8:58.
It was a little faster than I wanted but I felt pretty good... the first water stop was also at the mile marker and I slowed down grabbed a water and then walked a couple of steps to take a drink. That was mistake # 1!!
I had on my i-pod and my fav running song push it came on sometime during mile 2 and my Mom stopped by for a quick visit. I just really was feeling good.... there were a few times though when I felt like I was really giving it a lot of effort but it didn't feel like I was running very fast.
The second water stop was just past mile 2... again I slowed down got water and then walked a few steps to take a drink.. this was mistake #2!! I had almost caught up with Kelly when I stopped for water.
Mile 3 was harder, but I was really trying to push myself, I kept saying you can do anything for a mile. About .25 left to go I see Brenda... I had seen Rock pick up Kelly and when I saw Brenda she had to run by J. to get to me, I was worried she would feel compelled to run J. in instead of me but nope she headed straight for me. I was really starting to fatigue but having Brenda there pushing me really helped... and believe me she pushes you!!!!!!
When I ran through the timing mat I saw 27:55.... but the posted official time was 27:58 so I did meet my goal, but I know I could have done better. Those two water stops really hurt me... one of the reasons the Galloway plan doesn't work for me is because it is physically hard for me to start running fast after a walk break.. I have to ease back into it so I lost precious time by stopping at both water stops. Normally I wouldn't stop at all duirng a 5K except during the summer. I thought about it later and i think my brain was still in Marathon mode and I automatically got water without even thinking about it.
I am still very happy with my time and I won 1st place in my age group for the Clinic Division :)

I also know I ran really hard especially that last 1/2 mile, I actually threw up a little bit right after I crossed the finish line and had to wait a few seconds before I had my chip removed.. I was afraid I might throw up on the poor guy!!

After I finished running I grabbed a bottle of water and Kelly and I headed back out on the course. I wanted to find Aunt Tamara... she attended the Conway clinic. First I saw Kelsie and I tried to run with her but my calf hurt too much so I just yelled encouragment and kept walking. I found Jane at her spot where she was cheering on all the Cabot girls. We chatted for a bit and I yelled my head off at all the runners. For a lot of them this was their first 5K ever and it was cool to see them doing so well. Finally I saw Aunt Tamara, Jane took my water bottle and I ran Tamara in... my calf was still hurting but it was important for me to be there for Tamara. I think it was the last .20 that Brenda saw us and she came and helped run Tamara in as well as Kelly. It was really great!!! Oh and I almost forgot my cousin Jerry came to the race to cheer us on, I didn't even know he was there until after the race was over.
After running Tamara in I went back out on the course and met up with Bailey and some others to help cheer everyone on. We stayed out there until our last walker came through.
I encourage all Arkansas women to run this race in the future!!!!! Seriously there are women of all ages and sizes and too see them finish is just incrediable!!!
Jeff Galloway was at the Race and he was walking the course and calling out encouragment to the ladies and I think he even ran with some of them. I passed him when I was walking out to find Tamara and he congratulated me on the race, he also shook my hand :)

After the race we all gathered together and cheered for everyone who won awards. Shannon Moran from our clinic won the overall clinic division :) she is quite the runner and a truly sweet person!!!

.16 1.12... but I forgot to run my garmin off right away so this isn't exactly right. My garmin shows that I was running at a 7:35 avg pace for the last .16 and my best time was 6:54 :)
I was proud of the fairly even splits and that my last mile was my fastest.


Susan said...

Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

You did GREAT and I loved running that last quarter with you - you looked so strong and PERFECT FORM!!!