Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pasta Party/ Slumber Party

Friday night was the Pasta Party for the Women Can Run 5K event. Michele had suggested a couple of weeks ago that if we were going to go to the Pasta party we should just stay in Conway for the night. It really was a good idea so I booked us a room at the Hilton Garden Inn.. we also invited Kelly and Kelsie to stay with us.
We all ended up taking different cars to Conway, Kelly had to work later and Michele needed to drive because she was going to have to leave Conway earlier than the rest of us on Saturday.
I got to Conway about 5:15 and headed straight to the Hotel to get checked in, I didn't even go to the room just got the keys and headed to the Agora Center where the Pasta party was taking place. When I arrived (after making a wrong turn) I could see that Cheryl was already there and so were Jackie & Vicki. We milled around outside, waiting for them to open the doors... well the outside doors were open but everyone was standing in the lobby area and it was nice outside so I was in no hurry to go in.
Bailey called and I gave her final directions, she had missed the caravan coming from Cabot.
It was so great to see Cheryl... since she has been traveling I only get to see her maybe once on the weekends.
Bailey had also just retured from two weeks in California so I was very happy to see her as well!

Once we were inside we grabbed two table, we had a large group. The dinner is good, several choices of pasta's and salad with rolls. They also had cheese cake which was pretty yummy.
This year we had two Cabot girls in the fashion show, Heather and Sara S. and they were SO cute!!!!! They were the best looking models and had the most personality!!

Jeff Galloway was the guest speaker I was looking forward to hearing him speak but he ended up being kind of boring. I am not a follower of the Galloway plan, I have nothing against it but it doesn't really work for me. Anyway Michele was anxious to leave and wanted to bolt in the middle of this speech but I wouldn't let her!! I felt like the mean ol mama!
When he did finish speaking while everyone was still clapping I jumped up and said let's go, I had seen one of our Cabot ladies come in with a race packet so I wanted to beat the lines!! Last year you picked up your packet before the dinner this year they waited until after.

We then headed to Kohl's and I got some cute stuff for Kylie... a skirt a pair of shirts and two cute tops all for just $15.00!! woo hoo I love a good bargain!

The others were going to Target but I decided to head to the Hotel... I had started getting an uneasy feeling and was worried that maybe we didn't get double beds. Well I was right as soon as I walked in the door and saw the one bed I headed back down to the lobby. The Hotel was booked and nothing could be done but they did promise to find me a roll away bed.
I had just gotten back to the room when Kelly and Kelsie arrived...I saw the look on Kelly's face when she saw one bed. I told her I had tried to get another room but they didn't have any and they only had one roll a way bed left. She tried to find a hotel room close by but, while she was doing that I discovered our toilet was broken. GOOD GRIEF!!! I was seriously starting to get stressed out.
Luckily they came with the roll a way bed right after I made the toilet discovery so I told them about it and they called maintence. During all of that I guess Kelly made the decision to just go home... I couldn't blame her at that point!!!!
Michele and Abbie arrived just as they were leaving. No one wanted Kelly to leave but I also didn't want her to feel bad about her decision so I asked Michele to just let them leave.

We had a good evening... we all prepared for bed and then chatted and watched Hannah Montana. It was hard to go to sleep because we just wanted to keep talking but we had a race the next day so had to force ourselves. Michele stayed up and read for a little while but once I made myself stop talking I was asleep within minutes.


Cheryl said...

I thought he was kind of boring too, glad it was short and sweet! Sorry I didn't sit with you guys, but the NLR table needed some people, we only had 5 counting me.

Susan said...

Jeff Galloway! I am so jealous!