Thursday, May 8, 2008

Toad Suck 10K

Last Saturday was the Toad Suck 5k/10k race. I know it is probably kind of crazy to run a 10K race a week after a Marathon, but... you already know I'm crazy!!! LOL
The 10K is part of the Arkansas Grand Prix race series and so we ran so we ran to help make sure we had a women's team and a men's team.
Kelly, Michele, Arland, Gary and myself all raced... there were others as well but we had all just run Nashville.
Going into the race I had proclaimed that I really was just running for fun... I needed to get in at least 6 miles so might as well do it in a race... right???
I have been having lingering pain in my right calf, and my chest cold was still hanging on, but I didn't feel terrible, just not quite right.
My only goal for the race was to finish in at least an hour... 59:59 would be great!!
Well I'm happy to say that I finished in 58:45 and I was third in my age group.

When we first got to Conway the wind was howling and it was pretty chilly.. I though great I'm going to have to run with this jacket on because I can't take it off! I knew I would get warm during the run so I resigned myself to just tying my jacket around my waist. By the time it was time to line of up for the race the sun had come out, the wind was still howling but it didn't feel quite as cold. Livia was there with Kylie so I gave her my jacket and was very thankful I made that decision!!
We had somehow gotten towards the back of the pack... Vicki made us move up some but we didn't get far. When the race started we had to do a lot of weaving! we had gotten behind lot's of kids and familes etc who were mostly walking. In some ways it was good, it helped me go out a little slower, although my first mile was a 9:17 or something like that. I pretty much did the same thing I did in Nashville I started off at a comfortable pace and just tried to maintain it. Arland, Kelly, Michele and I had all started together, Michele tried to stay with us but soon enough she was off on her own. She is really a very fast runner and I was glad to see her go. She had a good finisning time but it could have been even faster if she hadn't turned back for us at one point.
When the 5k and 10k split there was a big sign but Arland and a couple of others missed it, luckily I looked up in time to see it and got us all back on track.
Arland, Kelly and I all pretty much stayed fairly close to each other... both of them were ahead of me for the most part but never so far that I couldn't see them.
The wind really was terrible but I was just thankful the temp's were much cooler than last year. Last year at this race I was miserable pretty much the whole time and had a terrible finishing time... this year was MUCH better!!
There is one kind of steepish incline on Salem turning onto Tyler street. This was the only time I walked, my heartrate was starting to get a little bit out of control so I decided to walk the really steep part.
The last two miles of the race I passed a TON of people... that is always a good feeling!!
As we were approaching the highschool track I saw Livia and Kylie... that was pretty awesome!!!! Next thing I know aunt Tamara is running beside me she stayed with with me until just before we turned onto the track... oh the dreaded track, I don't know why but finishing a race on a track is always hard for me, I guess because I just want it done!!
Cindy C was sitting in the infield taking pictures and shouted out some encouragment... somehow I managed to dig in deep and was able to have a strong finish and passed a couple more people.
It was a great feeling of accomplishment... I was able to slay the toad suck dragon and redeem myself from last years terrible race.

Afterwards I got lot's of hugs from the gang and talked to a few other people, I love talking to people I don't know after the race. I have made several friends this way :)

Once the 10K was over it was time for the Tad Pole race's. Livia had packed Kylie's running skirt and top but with the cooler temps and wind she ended up running in her capris and t-shirt. It didn't matter she is so cute not matter what, and all she really cares about is getting a "number". She did really well in her race... she ran the entire distance 200m without a single walk break!!
She got her ribbon at the end and she was a happy camper.

Because of the kid's races I missed the awards ceremony but Arland or Kelly or someone had picked up my age group award for me.
I have to enjoy these while I can... pretty soon Marianne, Brenda and Kelly are all going to be in the 45-49 age group.

After the awards ceremony we all headed to I-hop for breakfast and then Kelly,Michle,Livia,Kylie,Abby,Alex and I headed to Toad Suck Daze in downtown Conway.
It was almost 4:00 when we got home on Saturday and we were exhausted... so much so that Kylie and snuggled up in the bed and took a nap. BAD move! I couldn't get Kylie to wake up and she ended up sleeping until almost 6:45... believe me I paid for it later!
Michele and Abby came by Saturday evening and Michlele worked on my calf.. she is a Physical Therapist and it really helped!!

Oh I almost forgot... while we were still in Conway we went by the "The Ride" and ordered a new bike for me... we are going tomorrow morning to pick it up :)


gabsatrucker said...

I met Vicki and Lisa at the BDB du and again at the Toad Suck race. You might have seen me since I was at the back of the pack also. my arms are fully sleeved (tattooed) and that does scare some people off.

gabsatrucker said...

I'm not sure when my next race will be, was intrigued by the Macarthur 5k night race but that's out now. Vicki told me about the Hot Springs Du and I really wanted to do that one but will have to see how the collarbone is by the end of the month.

I test rode a black and pink Specialized Dolce 2 weeks ago. You will really enjoy it, it's a very nice bike.