Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Counting down and Catching up

Where oh where does the time go??? I know it is cliche but seriously time is just flying by and sometimes I really don't know where it went?
This past weekend on Saturday I spent the entire day in a flurry of activity starting with an 8 mile run and breakfast with the girls. In a blink of an eye the day was over. Sunday I slept in a little ran 3 miles with Michele had coffee and then spent the rest of the day doing NOTHING, until about 6:30 when we went back to Michele's for homemade pizza and a few games of Dominos. It really doesn't seem to matter if my days are full or empty they go by just as quickly!!

I haven't been posting much about my running. It has been going pretty good other than this constant pain in my butt!! I have had issues with my SI joint for over a year but ever since the Memphis Marathon it has really been bothering me. Michele (she is a PT) showed me an exercise to "adjust" it and that helped quite a bit, but a couple of my longer runs it has come back and caused a lot of pain!! One thing that is aggravating it is hills so since Surf City is supposed to be flat maybe I won't have any problems during the marathon. Of course I rarely trust course descriptions! LOL Can anyone who has run it give me the true scoop... P.O.M??? Anyone???

I have got to thank my dear friend Jane, if not for Jane I would have been in big trouble during this marathon training!! She is a great running partner and friend and I don't know what I would do without her!! I have said it many times the best thing about running has been all the friends I've made!!

So day after tomorrow and I'll be on an airplane headed to sunny (i hope) California. I grew up in S. California so this is a little bit like going home. I just wish we were staying longer.


Brenda's NEEDS to RUN said...

Annette - I agree the best thing about running is the GREAT friends you make. All of you that I run with now I consider my best friends and CANNOT do without seeing every couple of days. Have fun is CA!!

Susan said...

Good luck, girlfriend!

Cathy said...

Good luck and have a fabulous race!