Thursday, January 15, 2009

# 6 And the last one for awhile...

I have mentioned I am training for a marathon but I don't think I ever told you guys which one I'm running.

Marathon # 6 will be Surf City USA in Huntington Beach California.

Back in August when I was still riding the SFM high I started looked for a destination Marathon that Arland and I could do together to celebrate his milestone birthday in January. While surfing the internet I found a link to the Calfornia Dreamin race series. Perfect I had just run the first eligible race in the series and I love California and this would definately be a special race for Arland's birthday. When I asked him about it he seemed receptive but it was too late for me I was hooked and after one e-mail to Bailey so was she and by the next day we were both registered. Arland on the other hand was suffering one set back after another and back in November let me know he would not be joining us on this adventure.

Bailey has been injured for the past month and has not been able to get in any long runs... you already know how much my running has suffered since Memphis so we are quite the pair! We have decided though not to let it get us down and we are going to California and we are going to have a good time and by good time i mean fun! We are not worried about finishing time for the marathon at all!!! Our only goal is to make it in by the 6 hour cutoff.

So I am both looking forward to a fun filled weekend in Sunny California and the end of my Marathon season. I never thought I would run more than one or two marathons a year but I got caught up in all the training momentum and the next thing you know I have run 3 marathons in 4 months with # 4 right around the corner. I have loved training for all my marathons and I would do exactly the same thing over again if given the opportunity but I am ready for a break from Marathons.
Gabby and Susan both commented a few posts back that it sounded like I was suffering from running burnout... well they were both partially right. I have been suffering from marathon training burnout and I look forward to going on runs because I love running not because I have to get a specific mileage done. I will be doing a bunch of 1/2 marathons though and I look forward to training with Michele for the Country Music Marathon.

My next Marathon will be Long Beach in October.


aron said...

oh have fun!!! cali has been having very warm weather so you should get some sunshine!!

Brenda's NEEDS to RUN said...

Yes - we have some half marathons and a FUN half iron DU to train for - fun fun fun.

Susan said...

California -- fun! That'll be great!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you got to run with us last week!

P.O.M. said...

I hope the weather keeps up. This is my 3rd year running the Surf City (I'm just doing the half) but it is pretty fun. I'll be at the beer tent after :) ha ha.