Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Running with Jupiter, Venus and Mr. Moon

It was a beautiful night the clouds finally blew away and we had a perfect view of the alignment of The Crescent Moon, Jupiter & Venus.
It was also FREEZING last night!! well ok maybe not freezing but cold enough that I had on two long sleeve tech shirts for our run. I also had a bondi band neck gaitor in addition to my head/ear band and gloves.

The run didn't start off so great!! I don't think I mentioned that after our run on Saturday my left knee was hurting a bit the rest of the day. I doubled up on my "triple flex" and fish oil since I hadn't taken any at all Thursday and Friday and thought maybe that was part of the problem but then the more I thought about it I came to the conclusion it might be my shoes. My Mizuno's have around 250 miles on them and I have read they don't usually last as long as some of the other brands... so anyway I decided it was the shoes and on my Sunday run I wore my Kenyano 13's and had no knee pain.
Ok back to last night I wore my Mizuno's... I thought it's just a short run 3 or 4 miles I'm sure they will be ok. Well as soon as we started running my left knee and right ankle both buckled and I came very close to falling down. It kind of scared me and we stopped and walked for a few seconds and when I started running again I was fine... just a strange fluke????
Abby was home so we decided to just run close by and we ended up running a 1/2 mile loop over and over with just a few side roads thrown in. Well we made it around the block one time and were headed back around when Kelly said she had to pee so we turned around and headed back to Michele's house... turned out we all needed to use the restroom!! LOL
We were at .82 of a mile when we stopped and seriously I was thinking can't we just be done now.. after all we are tapering!! We had just started to warm up when we had to stop so now we had to go through that all over again.... but it was a great run!! We just ran hard and enjoyed the view of the planets, we did some talking but during mile 2 & 3 we were all kind of strung out and not really within talking distance. We had been running pretty hard and at 2.6 I told Michele when we hit 3 miles I am slowing down but in the mean time I am going to push it as much as I can. I was doing great but we were running up one long incline and all of a sudden I felt a twinge in my left glute and hamstring I slowed down and although I could still feel something it didn't hurt anymore but I didn't want to take any chances so I backed off on the pace.
Once we got to 3 miles we slowed way down and we all started running together for the last mile. It didn't take long until I noticed we weren't running so easy anymore it wasn't hard but it wasnt' quite as slow and then when we got to the cul de sac with .2 left we all kind of just turned it on so we could get finished!!
Kelly had to leave as soon as we finished running but I went into to Michele's house and we did some stretching. Everything feels fine today but I'm very happy I have a massage appointment this afternoon!!

4 miles 37:26
9:22 avg. pace

1-9:53 (stumble & walk)
4-9:18 I was shocked when I saw this because that mile felt so easy! LOL

Contemplating running 3 miles at lunch today but I don't have anyone to run with so I don't see it happening!!


Cheryl said...

Holy Cow!! You guys were turning it on last night! Nice average pace.

I try to wear my Mizunos to about 350 miles, but usually I get 400, but should ditch them at 350.

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

Yeah, great pace....I've heard some good things about Mizunos (mostly from Cheryl), but hoping to take care of some shoe/insole issues myself. If I need different shoes I may give those a try!

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

By the way..I heard I have a "cup" waiting for me from the Spa 10k....will you bring it to Memphis so I can get it? Unless you see Cheryl first....

gabsatrucker said...

I didn't get very much mileage out of the one and only pair of Mizunos that I've had. Went back to my boring but reliable Asics.