Saturday, December 6, 2008

Memphis - Maratnon # 5 Under 5

Just a quickie.....

I finished in 4:57-58 not sure what the offical time will be..I forgot to turn my Garmin off at the finish.

I had a big PR 17 or 18 minutes but I was still dissapointed for a little while at the end. I am over it now because seriously a 17 min. PR is pretty awesome. I also had another PR...I ran without taking one step walking for 20 miles!!! I also learned how to drink from a cup while still running.

I will post the whole report soon....lot's to tell. I will leave you with this teaser the traffic control or lack thereof is the reason I had to walk at 20 and then it all fell apart after that until about mile 25.5 when an angel in pink found me and helped pull me in.

Thank you everyone for your texts, comments etc... you were all with me during the race!!

Good Luck to Aron from Runners Rambles who is running the CIM Marathon tomorrow.


Susan said...

That is an AWESOME PR, Annette! Amazing! Congratulations!

gabsatrucker said...

Congrats on your p.r.!!!! I'm so very proud of you. Can't wait to read the full race report. You're going to have to teach me how to run and drink sometime.


Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

Looking forward to seeing the race report...I need to write mine! I did pretty fair considering I have just come out of those foot issues and we had to stop a few times (to pee, tie shoes...). Congrats to you!

ShirleyPerly said...

CONGRATS on your PR!!! 17 minutes is awesome and wonderful that you've learned to drink from a cup while running. I think it saves a lot of time and helps keep one's momentum going during a race.

*aron* said...

CONGRATS on your PR and 5th marathon finish!!!!! soooo awesome :)