Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lunch Run

Yesterday Jane and I were able to sneak in a lunch run. The weather people had been predicting rain in the morning and then again later in the afternoon/evening on Tuesday and since Jane had the day off for Vetran's day we decided to try to sneak a run in around the rain.

We got started about 11:15 it was about 53 degree but pretty windy. I wasn't quite sure what to wear but 50's is pretty warm when it comes to running so I wore a short sleeve tech shirt and a skirt. The shirt was the dri fit shirt we got for running the Sara Low 5K back in September. It is kind of big so the sleeves are a little longer on me but it is very comfy, and light weight.
We started running from my driveway and as soon as we turned onto First street the wind hit us and I was freezing!! Mostly it was my hands and I was wishing I had gloves on but I know they wouldn't have lasted so I just sucked it up and tried not to whine too much.
About 1.5 miles into the run it started sprinkling on us and I was worried we might get caught in a downpour. We ran to the end of First street turned around and ran to Team 1. The timing was perfect I needed a bathroom break even more than I realized!! We were right at 2 miles when we stopped.
It was kind of cool to run into work, the guys all kind of looked at me like I was crazy but I'm used to that!
After the pit stop we headed back down First street, since we were running in the opposite direction we had no wind and it didn't take long for us to warm up! We did have light rain and I think that helped cool us off.
We chatted pretty much the whole run but we were pushing the pace a little bit so there were a few long stretches of silence.. well not really silence more like a lot of heavy breathing and sighing. We also talked about you Brenda, we were running up an "incline" and I said I bet Brenda would say this is flat!! LOL
To make sure we got our 5 miles we ran through the newish subdivision close to my house, I don't normally like to run in that neighborhood, it is just one long gradual incline... there wasnt' much talking going on during this section.
Luckily when we turned into my neighborhood we were at 4.75 and we hit 5 miles right at my house. We did another lap around the neighborhood walking as a cooldown lap. It was still sprinkling so we went into the house and did some stretching. I am really trying to be better about stretching after every run!! It's just so hard to do when it is cold!
After Jane left I made myself a turkey sandwich took a quick shower and headed back to work.
I felt so good I definately was feeling a runners high and it lasted pretty much the rest of the day. It felt so good to get the run done, and it was a good run we did 5 miles with a 9:40 avg. pace and we were very happy with those numbers!! Our fastest mile was our last mile in 9:15 and that was the section with the longest incline!
5 miles


Anonymous said...

Ok - I am getting a bad rap about this incline - hill stuff - LOL!!! Like I said tonight when we were running I actually think that inclines are harder. They sneak up on you and they seem to last FOREVER!!!! Good run tonight now tomorrow can we SERIOUSLY run at recover pace!!!

Cheryl said...

I used to love to run at lunch, I haven't done that in ages! Nice job!

Yaktrax said...

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