Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hill's are alive with the sound of gunshot's

Disaster struck Friday morning... I fried my Blackberry!! I woke up still feeling good from a great run on Thursday night with Jane and Brenda but that went away as soon as Brett's sweet tea spilled onto the counter and onto my phone.
I immediately was sick to my stomach... Blackberry's are expensive and I knew that Team 1 was not going to pay for a replacement.
I took it apart and used a rubbing alchohol pad to clean it out, I waited a little while and then I put it back together... NOTHING but black screen. I repeated the process of taking it apart several times but in the meantime I'm panicking because I'm worried that the shops won't be able to get ahold of me and then I'll be in trouble.
Finally I decided I would just take it to the AT&T store and buy a new one if I had to although $300+ for a phone is not in my budget! I decided to stop at home first and I called Arland he suggested I put my sim card into his old blackjack and use it until he got home and could look at my phone and our contract. I am so glad I called him because of course once I switched out the sim cards my phone came back to life... not quite that quickly but I am happy to say that my Blackberry is fine and Arland didn't kill me!

So now onto fun stuff!!

Saturday morning Jane and I met Brenda, Andrea, Robert and Ginny at Magness Creek for our 13 mile HILLY long run. I am happy to say that I think I have conquered the Lila Loop curse and we had a good run. It was VERY hilly and there were times that Jane and I were really trash talking Brenda... I think her ears must have been burning a lot during that run.
Not only did we have the wonderful HILLs... but we also saw 3 foxes and several packs of dogs, luckily none of them decided to have us for breakfast. Saturday morning was also the official opening of Deer hunting season and we heard lot's of gunshots out in the woods.
My stomach held out for the most part until mile 10.85... I did have to slow down and walk around mile 7.5 because I thought I was going to have a problem but luckily it passed and we were able to keep running. Our goal for this run was to start off slow and then level out and hopefully maintain a 10:30 avg. pace. Mission accomplished although we didnt' really do it the way we planned. We started out with a 10:00 avg pace for the first 5 miles and then with the stomach issues and some a couple of killer hills we dropped back and ended up with the 10:30 avg.
It was pretty cold Saturday 39 degrees at 6:00am I don't know what the temp was when we ended but I never did take off my long sleeve tech shirt. I thought about it a couple of times but I had on a sleeveless shirt underneath and that just wasn't enough. I did have to take my gloves off within the first couple of miles and the bondi band came down about 1/2 way through.
I was wearing one of my running skirts and overall I was pretty comfortable. Jane on the other hand still had her gloves on at the end of the run and her bondi band.
When we got back to Magness creek and were passing by Livia's house I decided to take off my fuel belt and leave it on her mailbox... as soon as we started running again my stomach said excuse me there is a warm bathroom in that house and you better take me there right now!!!!
The wind never really was a factor for us during the run until the last 2 miles when we turned around and it was brutal!!!
After the run we all gathered in Andrea's home gym and stretched really good and then headed to Daily Grind for breakfast.
Cindy and Lisa weren't able to run for various reasons but they did join us for breakfast and as usual Donna and everyone at Daily Grind took really good care of us.
After breakfast I went back to Livia's house to pick up my fuel belt, I ended up staying for a few hours just kind of chilling with my dad and Vanda and then eventually Kylie and Livia. They all stayed up really late on Friday night so they were sleeping in on Saturday.
I took Kylie home with me to shower and change and then head back to Magness for a "Goal setting Seminar" with Dennis.
I think I finally got home around 5:30 made myself some dinner (lean cuisine) and relaxed until time to go to the airport to pick up Arland.

Sunday morning we had 10 on the schedule. Several people were supposed to meet us but it ended up just being me, Jane and Kelly. It was MUCH colder Sunday morning 31 degrees at the start and I was actually wearing pants!! I also had on a short sleeve tech shirt, a long sleeve tech shirt and a jacket along with gloves and a bondi band of course.
When we got to Michele's neighborhood I left my jacket and gloves on her mailbox, I was fine without the jacket but here were times later in the run that I really could have used the gloves!!
Our route took us past the Phillip's 66 at mile 4 which was perfect timing, Kelly and I both needed to stop. It was after that I really wished I had my gloves! This run was not easy I was feeling the hills from the day before and the last couple of miles I really had to push myself to keep running. I had 1/2 of a vanilla carb boom gel around 7 or 8 miles and it was pretty gross :( but I think it helped I think those last miles would have been even harder without it.
When we hit 10 miles we called the "Scarlata rule" and we stopped our Garmins and walked the rest of the way in. It wasn't far maybe a 1/4 of a mile or a little over. I was so happy to stop running but almost immediately after we started walking my stomach and lower back started cramping big time oh my gosh it hurt so bad!! and it was so cold. We all just walked to our cars and jumped in no chit chat and no stretching. I ran across the street to the gas station to get a chocolate milk, I was dissapointed they didn't have fat free or even 2% but I went ahead and bought one and only drank a little bit of it.
I had the seat warmers and heat on full blast but I could feel the chill setting in. As soon as I walked in the house I changed into warm clothes and crawled into the bed. I propped my feet up on the wall and pulled the covers over my head, eventually I started to warm up and soon fell asleep. I woke up an hour later with my feet still in the air and I felt so much better!!
The rest of the morning was spent in the office with Arland shredding several months worth of junk mail etc. I hate that job and we always put it off until it's a big ordeal :(

Sunday afternoon Vanda, Livia, Kylie and I participated in the Central Arkansas Just Communities Unity Walk but I will have to wait till later to post about it... work is calling.


gabsatrucker said...

LOL at the junk mail shredding! I have the same problem about waiting until the pile is almost unmanageable. What is it about that that makes it such a chore?

By the way, now that we've had the pretty leaves and some nice fall temps can we just skip winter and go straight to spring? NOT looking forward to the frigid temps like Saturday at all.

Cheryl said...

Couple of nice runs! And your poor phone, all I could think was "OH NO, she can't text, what will she do?" LOL.

And could you do my shredding too? I hate it and I hate the noise the shredder makes, it gives me shivers.

Susan said...

I'm glad you revived the Crackberry!